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The Day Kanye West Walked Into A Pole

Kanye and Kim were out on a little lunch date, trying to avoid the paparazzi when he accidentally walked straight into a pole and then freaked out on a camera man. Also, the Kanye freak-out was caught on video. Whoops! I can understand Kanye’s reaction to the cameraman following him, but again, he chose the life of

Kim Kardashian

Kanye West gets Kim Kardashian Pregnant?!

Kanye West announced on Sunday during a concert that Kim Kardashian is pregnant with his baby. West stopped the music during his concert in Atlantic City, and reportedly told the crowd: “Stop the music and make some noise for my baby mama!” To which he then pointed at Kardashian. A few minutes later, the twitter-verse exploded


Apparently Being A Fetus Is Boring

A new photo was taken, as part of a study (yeah, even fetuses are involved in studies… Is nothing sacred?!), using fancy 4D scans, to see what fetuses are up to in the womb. As well as kicking and punching a lady’s insides, fetuses also hiccup and stretch. These science-types discovered that babies do in