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Justin Bieber is Best Pals With Bill Clinton

Justin Bieber is Best Pals With Bill Clinton

Hey! Remember that whole, “Justin Bieber p*ssing in a mop bucket and shouting ‘F*ck Bill Clinton‘” thing that happened yesterday? Apparently, Justin Bieber picked up the phone a called former President Bill Clinton and apologized for his comment. Clinton forgave Bieber and apparently told him, ‘to be conscious of the friends he keeps and to focus on the


Morsi Overthrown by Egyptian Military

After the Egyptian military presented their ultimatum to the President and he refused to comply, Morsi was officially removed from office and placed under house arrest. A senior judge has become the interim president while the military, Morsi, and the country reels from the past few weeks. What does this mean for the future of


The NSA Wire-Tapped Obama in 2004?

Russ Tice, a man who blew the whistle on the alleged domestic spying across multiple government agencies in 2005, stated that there was an order to wire-tap President Obama. Russ appeared on, ‘The Boiling Frog Show,’ where he stated that when he was an analyst, he received an order to wire-tap on a certain ‘wannabe senator


Elvis Responsible For Ricin Laced Letters

The FBI has arrested the man behind the ricin-laced letters sent to the President and he is an Elvis impersonator! Paul Kevin Curtis, a celebrity impersonator (most notably Elvis Presley) from Cornith, Mississippi was arrested on Wednesday. He has impersonated a number of popular 1970′s musicians, most notably Elvis Presley, Kenny Chesney and Bon Jovi.


Mexico Wants to Change Its Name, to Mexico!

Mexico Wants to Change Its Name, to Mexico! – Mexico’s President Calderon is pushing to have Mexico shorten its name to improve the country as a whole. Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon is nearing the end of his term and is pushing to pass a bill to be passed that would officialy get the United States out


Will the Electoral College Stay?

  Last night, before midnight Barack Obama won the presidential election with both the Electoral and Popular vote. There were a lot of predictions saying that Mitt Romney would win the popular vote with Obama winning the Electoral college, but it came as a surprise to all when the President took both. President Obama won


Czech President Fake Assassinated With Airsoft Gun

You ever play Assassin in school? It’s a lot of fun. The rules vary, but we got really into it: At one point, I was the bodyguard to the senior president and jumped in front of a Nerf dart to protect her. It was a super-awesome move and to this day I’ll never understand why