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Reset the Net

Reset the Net!

Reset the Net!

Websites across the net have banded together to urge users, developers, and content providers to use “NSA-resistant” software, and tools to protect the internet against government surveillance!


Which Tech Companies Have Your Back?

Every year the Electronic Frontier Foundation releases their report card on the top tech companies who may or may not have you back. Which companies were awesome this year?


Pirate Bay Co-Founder Developing Private Messenger App

Have you ever wanted to text your roommate to stop leaving his socks in the living room without the government putting you on a terrorist watch list? No? Well, for those who desire privacy when using messenger services, Heml.is may be the solution. Heml.is (its name is derived from a Swedish word meaning “secret”) is


The NSA Introduces NSAFLIX!!

The NSA decided to give back to the nation today by releasing NSAFLIX! Spy on the girl next door from her webcam, find out where grandma is hiding your inheritance ,and all the info you could ever want with NSAFLIX. At NSAFLIX, no need to sign up because they have all your information already! NSAFLIX


XBox One Is Watching You

The newest console from Microsoft could be used to spy on you in your living room. To add to the controversy surrounding the XBox One, a week after it’s reveal, the company has come under fire for features that could gather more personal data from users than ever before. Feasibly, the new device’s Kinect camera and microphone


CISPA Struck Down By Senate!

The Oval Office won’t have to keep worrying about vetoing CISPA, since the bill didn’t make it past the Senate floor. The last time CISPA made the rounds, the Senate were the ones to prevent it from passing. Yet again, the Senate has stepped up and struck down the bill. The bill was passed by


CISPA: What You Need To Know

CISPA is back and up for a full vote in the House of Representatives this week. The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, otherwise known as CISPA will be voted on in the House of Representatives on Wednesday or Thursday of this week. CISPA has been on the House floor once before, and the last


Cops Want Logs Of Your Text Messages

Law enforcement groups want wireless providers to store information about your text messages for at least two years. Y’know, just in case you might do something later.