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FOX Releases COSMOS Host Profile

FOX Releases COSMOS Host Profile

In order to give a little insight on the COSMOS reboot, FOX released a profile on Neil deGrasse Tyson and why he was chosen to host the distinguished series.


How to Annoy Your Ex On Facebook

Don’t lie: We all know you stalk your ex’s on Facebook!


Instagram Goes HTML

Instagram now has profile pages viewable via any web client. Until recently, Instagram profiles were only viewable from the app or a third party client. Now, you’ll be able to access the accounts via any web browser making all your stalking dreams come true. Instagram used to allow users access to photos on a one


Students Set Up Fake Facebook to Catch Creeper

Two 16-year-old students at New York’s Cinema School felt as though 38-year-old computer technician Kevin Eckstein had a thing for younger girls. They set out to prove it by setting up a fake Facebook profile to see if he was the “creeper” they believed he was.