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Ukrainian Police Beg Forgiveness, Russia Vows to Keep Out of the Fray

Ukrainian Police Beg Forgiveness, Russia Vows to Keep Out of the Fray

The brutal Ukrainian security forces, known as the Berkut, got down on their knees and begged for forgiveness after the Ukrainian government threw in the towel in it’s battle against opposition forces.

Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood Calls Followers To Rise Up

Recent clashes between the Egyptian army and Muslim Brotherhood Islamists protesting the military’s ousting of the President Morsi have resulted in bloodshed, leaving 51 protesters and 3 security forces members dead. The divide between Egyptians has deepened with calls from the Muslim Brotherhood’s political party for an all-out rebellion against the army. Carnage broke out

Egyptian Protests (16)

Egyptians Demand Morsi To Step Down Or Else!

Millions of Egyptians gathered to protest President Mohamed Morsi and the ruling Muslim Brotherhood, ransacking the Islamic party’s headquarters and setting it on fire. Six people were killed in the Egyptian protest against the Muslim Brotherhood and President Morsi. At the same time, Morsi received the resignations of four of his cabinet ministers, all doing


Protests Spread Across Brazil [UPDATE]

The recent protests in Brazil have exploded as 100,000 citizens take to the streets to make sure their voices are heard. It’s been reported as many as 100,000 Brazilian citizens took to the streets on Monday to continue protesting the violence and corruption in their government and nation. Demonstrations have spread throughout the South American

A International

Amnesty International Welcomes Vladimir Putin

Several rights organizations are preparing for the arrival of Russian President Vladimir Putin, including Amnesty International. Gay rights activists gathered to protest the Russian bill that would make gay events and the dissemination of information about the LBGT community to minors punishable by a fines up to $16,000 dollars. The Russian president seemed apathetic about the commotion

Michigan Protests

Michigan Soon to Be a Right-to-Work State?

Thousands are protesting after a Right-to-Work measure passes in the Michigan legislature 58 to 51. The bill prohibits unions from forcing public sector employees to join and pay dues after being hired for a job. Outside 12,000 protesters booed as the measure passed, 58-51, bringing it one step closer to being signed into law. The house is


Guy Fawkes Banned in Canada?

Today is Guy Fawkes Day and the masks are out and about already with Anonymous and it’s affiliates protesting worldwide against government surveillance. As per usual, supporters will be donning the mask in solidarity with their ‘anonymous’ brothers but for the first time the masks will be illegal to wear in Canada. The ban on masks are