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Here’s An Update On What’s Going on In Ferguson

Here’s An Update On What’s Going on In Ferguson

Ferguson continued to be a war zone last night, even after Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon lifted the town’s curfew and called in the state’s National Guard. Reports so far state that at least 31 people were arrested by police and at least two individuals have been shot.


Here’s What Going On In Venezuela Right Now

Please be warned, some the images and video contained within this article are disturbing. You can read our initial coverage here.


Why Aren’t We Hearing About What’s Going on in Venezuela?

4 people have been killed after two weeks of anti-government protesting, that have remained strangely absent from mainstream media, came to a head in the city of Caracas. The protestors oppose the leadership of current Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro. The protest, organized by students and opposition leaders is the largest Maduro has face since he


Kiev Has Become a Warzone [Gallery]

Live streaming video by Ustream With 3 people dead, and the number of missing rising, the protests in Kiev have hit their most violent point. Photos of the city, nay country in revolt have been hitting the net as fast as photographers can shoot them. One man, Illya Varlamov, has been keeping his blog constantly

Protest 1

Breakdown: What’s Going On in the Ukraine?

A quarter of a million people were gathered in Kiev, peacefully protesting until last night when 3 people were killed after a new law banning public demonstrations came into effect, but what is the cause for the unrest in the country? Pro-Russian Viktor Yanukovich has been president since February 2010. Before becoming president, he had

Ukraine Protest

Ukrainian Police Fail To Break Up Protest!

Last night, troops from Ukraine’s elite riot police force, Berkut (Golden Eagle), were humiliated as they failed to eject protestors from Maiden Square. Hundreds of thousands of protestors had been gathered peacefully in the square for 10 days in a demonstration against President Victor Yanukovych’s plan to cozy up with Russia rather than sign with


Egyptians Dead After Army Fires On Protesters

More than 200 are dead after the Egyptian army clears out two pro-Morsi protest camps, and a month long state of emergency has been declared in the war-ravaged country. Egyptian security forces launched an early morning raid to clear out the two main pro-Morsi sit ins. Shots were fired, and over 200 people were killed


Russia’s Anti-Gay Protesters Are Violent

After the banning of ‘homosexual propaganda’ in Russia, protesters have come out in droves demanding equality, but counter protesters have come out swinging. The number of incidences of violence against homosexuals has steadily risen in Russia as anti-gay protesters viciously attack pro-gay activists. Several of the incidents were caught on camera and have been compiled


Update: Zimmerman Protests Grow Violent

The protests regarding the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial have taken a turn for the violent in the city of Los Angeles. The peaceful protest in Leimert Park became violent last night. 14 people have been arrested as a result, most of them for failing to disperse, in connection with the violence. The prayer


Thousands Protest Zimmerman Verdict

Over the weekend George Zimmerman was found not guilty of the murder of Trayvon Martin. Thousands took the streets to protest the verdict. From New York to Los Angeles, thousands of protesters marched in solidarity protesting George Zimmerman’s acquittal, and demanding justice. The protests were, for the most part, peaceful. Police were respectful, and mostly


Protests Spread Across Brazil [UPDATE]

The recent protests in Brazil have exploded as 100,000 citizens take to the streets to make sure their voices are heard. It’s been reported as many as 100,000 Brazilian citizens took to the streets on Monday to continue protesting the violence and corruption in their government and nation. Demonstrations have spread throughout the South American

Brazil Protest

What’s Happening In Brazil

Brazil has erupted in protests and riots over a recent price raise in bus fares. The rise in bus fares was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back in Brazil. The country with the most violent slums in the world erupted in violence over the 20 cent rise in public transportation fares. The fact

Protesters in Istanbul

Turkish Protesters Hit With Chemical Weapons!

As Erdogan hosts a rally, it’s discovered that Turkish protesters are being hosed down with water loaded with corrosive chemicals. Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan held a rally with hundreds of thousands of supporters at the Istanbul waterfront. Just 24 hours prior he ordered police to use brute force to clear out the focal point