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How To Make Speed Dating More Extreme

I have never been the biggest fan of dating. I always wished there was a way to make the whole experience more exciting. Renault BeLux created an awesome commercial that makes me want to make up a new form of speed dating. Check it out! NATION What is your most memorable date?


SPORTS NEWS: Power Wheel Racing!

A new sport is sweeping the nation, and it involves racing Power Wheels down hills at high speeds with no protection! I miss my Power Wheel, I had one of those awesome Barbie style Jeeps. The ladies loved me for it. Finally I can take part in a sport!   QUESTION Did you guys ever


Self-Driving Car Aiming for Pole Position

Researchers at Stanford University in California are moving faster with the first self-driving race car. Self-driving cars have been in the news lately, particularly the Google cars, navigating busy streets and parking themselves. Now comes the newest iteration of the autonomous car line, an auto piloted race car. Engineers from Stanford University have created an