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Indian Marriage

Marital Rape Still Legal in India

Marital Rape Still Legal in India

Judge Virender Bhat confirmed that rape laws do not apply to married couples. Once legally wed, forced sex is no longer a crime.

Daniel Craig

1 is 2 Many – A Star Studded Sexual Assault PSA From The White House

To say this is just important is almost an insult. President Obama, Vice President Biden, Daniel Craig, Benicio Del Toro, Dulé Hill, Seth Meyers and Steve Carell are putting an end to sexual assault, and calling on everyone to help.


Why (Male) Rape is Hilarious

Trigger warnings like crazy with this one guys, but give it a chance and watch it all the way through because it’s amazing.

Jamie Carrillo

Teacher Accused of Rape on YouTube Charged!

Jamie Carrillo may be able to get some justice after a video of her calling her childhood rapist went viral. Investigators charged Andrea Michelle Cardosa with abusing two girls over a 13-year period while teaching at schools they attended in California. One of those girls, Jamie Carrillo, filmed a YouTube video in which she confronted


San Antonio Officer Rapes 19-Year Old During Traffic Stop

San Antonio Police Officer Jackie Neal allegedly sexually assaulted a 19-year old woman during a traffic stop. The 11-year veteran pulled over the young woman claiming the car she was driving was reported stolen. The young woman produced a receipt for the newly purchased vehicle, and Neal made her get out of the car so

Wrong Woman Persecuted As Ohio Rape Case Victim

An unidentified young woman was filmed receiving oral sex from a young man in public near the Ohio University Homecoming. The woman claims she allegedly had no idea the act had transpired until she saw the videos and photos the next day, and filed a sexual assault charge claiming the act was rape. Days later,


Child Raped Then Ordered to Marry Rapist’s Son

A 6-year-old girl in Keshavpura, India was raped by 40-year old Kailash, in their neighborhood about two weeks ago. “Kailash locked her in a room and raped her. Instead of registering a police complaint, elders belonging to the girl’s caste called a panchayat (village council) meeting,” a police official said. The council ruled that the family of the girl must


Man Falsely Accused of Rape on Facebook Post

A viral Facebook post accused a man from Toledo of raping three young girls and his own son, and it turned out to be a complete hoax. Chad Lesko was taking a leisurely stroll to his neighborhood park when he was approached by a stranger and was told, ‘You’re not allowed in this park because


For Grooms in India: No Toilet, No Bride

On Monday, May 24, 2013, couples united in marriage in one huge mass marriage ceremony in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.  There was just one wacky requirement to take part in this ceremony: the groom-to-be had to provide proof of toilet ownership. For a bit of back story, the state of Madhya Pradesh instituted


Internet Celeb Hitchhiker Kai Wanted for Murder

A few months back, a hitchhiker caught the Internet’s attention when he saved a man and a group of women from a deranged ‘Jesus.’ Sadly, it now seems the Hitchhiker Kai is wanted for the murder of Joseph Galfy, a lawyer in New Jersey. Today, the Union County Police Department issued an arrest warrant for Caleb

Military Sexual Assault

Military Sexual Assaults On The Rise

Reports have arisen that sexual assaults in the military are on a steady incline despite efforts to combat the epidemic. According to the annual report released by the Department of Defense, sexual assaults in the military occurred at an average of more than 70 per day. Reports of abuse rose during October 2011 through September


Steubenville Trial to Appeal Due to Mental State

The Steubenville trial was supposed to end earlier this week, but it looks like the defendants are going to appeal.


Swiss Woman Gang Raped in India

Another alarming gang rape has taken place in India, this time of a Swiss tourist with her husband beaten and tied up nearby. On Friday, a Swiss couple and her husband pitched a tent in a forest in Madhya Pradesh while on a three month cycling trip. Around 9:30 at night they were attacked by