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“Unscripted” Reality Show Jumps the Shark!

“Unscripted” Reality Show Jumps the Shark!

Tru TV airs a show called ‘South Beach Tow’, and it couldn’t be any further from the truth! This ridiculous clip only goes from bad soap opera acting to even worse soap opera plot twists. It’s so ridiculous it’s almost entertaining!

Nabilla Benattia (6)

Nabilla Benattia Is One Sexy Reality Star!

Nabilla Benattia, famous for her bit on a reality show, participated in a smoldering hot bikini photoshoot. The reality show babe is famous for calling out her female housemates who didn’t have shampoo with them during the course of filming. Nabilla is a model and has been sexy french tv personality since her appearance on


Let’s Talk About Bigfoot

Why not, guys? Bigfoot all of a sudden became a thing this week, as reality TV, university researchers, and a couple of guys with a camera got everyone thinking about the kinda-ape.