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Bill Gates

Bill Gates is Awesome

Bill Gates is Awesome

Bill Gates did a Reddit AMA today (it’s sort of like a Q&A but with questioners who could turn evil at any moment — just ask Woody Harrelson), and uploaded this to his channel. No one can say the former Microsoft CEO doesn’t have a sense of humor. I wonder who’s in the suit!

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4Chan and Reddit Have A New Hero!

YouTube user Sir Fedora just started making videos, and like any 10 year old YouTuber, he has a long way to go before he gains much of a following. Unless, of course, 4chan and reddit step in. Sir Fedora made a video about how excited he was about getting a single like on his introduction


Man Insulted While Working On Subway Responds!

Reddit is a site of community based internet curation that often times shows us some of the more awesome things the net has to offer, and this is no exception. A redditor posted an image of a man sitting on the floor in a subway car taking up what appears to be much needed commuter


Luckiest Driver of the Day: Insane Landslide!

Reddit user marvinjenkins posted this incredible video of a Taiwanese driver that narrowly avoids a terrifying landslide. It seems that no one is seriously injured, but the driver probably has to change his pants Normally, I become hyper-aware when I see a ‘beware of landslide’ sign on a mountain road, and now I see what it looks


Beautiful Ads Are Hand Painted On Buildings!

Imgur user Chalexfor posted a series of photos his father who paints advertisements on the sides of buildings all over Los Angeles in astonishing detail. The company, Walldogs, recreates printed ads on buildings, painting them on with pinpoint accuracy. From video games to beer, the company has created hundreds of hand painted advertisements that will leave


Incredible Orchestral Rendition of Halo Theme

Redditor cooperb412 posted a video of his brother’s senior solo for his high school orchestra performing the theme music from Halo, and it gave me chills. The Halo theme is one of the most iconic pieces of music from any video game, and these high school seniors perform it perfectly. NATION In your opinion, which video game

Edward Snowden

Update: Snowden, Russia, And The Internet

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has disappeared after checking out from his Hong Kong hotel room, Russia may offer asylum, and the internet bands together under #stopwatchingus. Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower who made sure the world knew the government was watching them, has disappeared since checking out from his hotel room. No one knows where


A Beautiful Cover of Rihanna’s ‘Stay’

We here at SourceFed love finding little gems of talent stashed in the corners of YouTube, and today we have found a beautiful cover of ‘Stay’ by Rihanna. I find this Rihanna cover, published by YouTuber stevesharry, even better than the original. Let us know what you guys think!


Macklemore’s ‘Can’t Hold Us’ is the Sh*t

I have had a pretty serious Macklemore addiction for the past few months, and Reddit is not helping with my recovery! Redditor Ahmedxflame posted this awesome video of a dance crew in Japan performing their choreographed routine of Macklemore’s, ‘Can’t Hold Us.’ Check it out! That was very entertaining Guillaume Lorentz! I have now watched


Feel Good Video: Foster Sisters Reunited on Christmas

The world is filled with so much suck, we sometimes need something that boosts our spirits. A video if you will. Reddit user Picklwarrior posted this video of their family surprising their adopted daughter with the news that they were able to adopt her foster sister after years of being separated.