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Bigfoot Exists!?

At least that’s what a research group are trying to prove. In a press meeting on Tuesday, The Sasquatch Genome Project team released never before seen video footage of Bigfoot roaming around North America. The group is lead by Melba Ketchum, who has been gathering “evidence” such as “DNA” for five years to prove that


Ed Sheeran Would Be Proud of This Video

YouTuber kylehanagami made a promise that with every 10 letters he received from fans, he would match it with $1 that would go to cancer research and release a new dance video as a thank you. Fans sent in 14,146 letters, and in return kylehanagami donated the funds and uploaded this amazing dance video. Check it out! Ed Sheeran


Working Mothers Are Bringing Home the Bacon

According to new findings released by the Pew Research Center, working mothers are now the primary breadwinners for about 40% of US households. The study does state that a large portion of these women are single mothers, but the number of married women who bring in a higher income than their husbands is growing. Compared


Apparently Being A Fetus Is Boring

A new photo was taken, as part of a study (yeah, even fetuses are involved in studies… Is nothing sacred?!), using fancy 4D scans, to see what fetuses are up to in the womb. As well as kicking and punching a lady’s insides, fetuses also hiccup and stretch. These science-types discovered that babies do in


Foot/Ankle Prosthesis Moves like the Real Thing

The new prosthesis provides the most realistic movement thus far. Researchers at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium have developed the Ankle Mimicking Prosthetic or AMP  Foot 2.0. The prosthesis is designed to give wearers a very natural and lifelike gait and features an energy harvesting system that puts a natural spring back into someone’s


Faster Than Speed of Light Travel Possible?

Science has gone and done it again. Once there was a time where light travel in a vacuum was about as fast as things could go but now that’s old news. A group of scientists have tweaked some of Einsteins equations suggesting that faster-than-light travel may be within the realm of possibility