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Humans Need Not Apply

Humans Need Not Apply

CGP Grey takes some time to break down the robot takeover and what it means for people.


The Robots Have Won: Panera Replaces Cashiers with Kiosks

This isn’t the first time kiosks were used in place of real people. Airlines have been doing it for years, and now Panera has joined the club!


Arnold Servonator Is Here To Pump You Up!

EWU Robotics has harnessed the power of The Governator in this weight-lifting robot modeled after the man himself.


iDIOTS: A Tale of Phones and Robots!

ROBOTS! Enough said. The guys over at Big Lazy Robot Visual Effects posted this rad video of robots using smart phones entitled, iDiots and it’s visually stunning. They had this to say about the stellar vid: “The robots were taken from real Japanese robot model kits, and they now hold a privileged position in our

Gymnast Robot Lands Triple Backflip?!

This robot gymnast not only catches itself on the bar, it lands a triple back flip like a champ! Why in the world are we teaching robots how to be trained gymnasts? This is the first step into them becoming skilled assassins and taking out the human race! What is the practical application for this

Modular Cube Robots Will Blow Your Mind!

These cube shaped robots can jump, and reconfigure themselves autonomously! The actuator inside the little guys give them the momentum to move, while the super strong magnets on the face of the cubes insure that they connect and stay connected throughout the reconfiguration process. Imagine bridges being able to change on the fly! Nation What

two pilots

Why Are There Two Pilots In Pacific Rim?

Pacific Rim director Guillermo Del Toro answers the burning question in a special featurette released just yesterday! After seeing trailers for the anticipated big bot film many fans were left asking why jaegers required such a complicated system involving two pilots. In response, director Guillermo Del Toro released a featurette in advance of the July

pacific rim

Pacific Rim Main Trailer Released!

The trailer for Pacific Rim released by Warner Brothers will leave you wanting more! The newest Pacific Rim trailer shows off more of the show stopping action that the movie has to offer! Pacific Rim’s storyline centers on monstrous creatures known as Kaiju, who have risen up from the sea to destroy mankind. In order


Immortality A Reality By 2045?!

In 2011, Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskov started the 2045 Initiative. 2 years later he has finally unveiled his plans for immortality. The rich Russian is planning on making humanity into Sterling Archer’s worst nightmare: he wants to turn us all into Terminator-esque cyborgs. The Ghost in the Shell like conversion will end ultimately in the


Electro In Spider-Man And Skyrim DLC!

It’s time for to look through the Pornodex. It’s Nerd Porn. Let’s go with some quick hits: Japan’s making an adorable robot for astronauts, we’ve got new Skyrim DLC, and Electro’s been confirmed for the new Spider-Man movie!


Mars Rover’s Discovery Won’t Be Earthshattering

Since the initial announcement from Mars rover project scientist John Grotzinger, NASA has been trying to curb public expectations and wild speculation from the press. The moment Grotzinger said the word “earthshattering,” everyone immediately went to “we found life on Mars.”


Robots Will Kill You, But Only If A Human Tells It To

In Violation of the First Law of Robotics, the Pentagon has confirmed: If a robot is going to kill you, it will be a human that directs it to do so. The government made it crystal clear that every time one of it’s drones drops one of it’s lethal payloads, the decision to have done

Robocop Is Real. That Is All.

In many ways, the title isn’t all that off the mark. A Florida college is trying to get a program off the ground that will allow disabled police officers and wounded veterans to remotely take charge of a robot to be used in law enforcement on the street.