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The Most Important “Sexy Model” Video Ever

The Most Important “Sexy Model” Video Ever

Some things just can’t be as sexy as you’d like them to be, but that doesn’t make them any less important!


The Most Appetizing Video You’ll Watch Today

It’s like sex, but with food.


Kanye ‘Bound 2′ Kim in New Music Video

Kanye West, a pioneer of fresh and edgy entertainment, has collaborated with director Nick Knight on his new music video for ‘Bound 2′ featuring fiance, Kim Kardashian, topless on a motorcycle. Premiering on Ellen, one could say this sex simulating, heavy CGI video, is just another work of West’s vanity; however one can also see

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Liz Katz: Lovely Lady of the Day

Cosplayer Liz Katz creates amazing costumes that really show off her favorite characters! Each costume is a unique take on some of her favorite video game or anime characters and they look awesome! Check out the lovely Ms. Katz’s costumes in the gallery down below!

Jessica Ashley: Lovely Lady of the Day!

The gorgeous Ms. Jessica Ashley is our Lovely Lady of the Day in celebration of her recent win as Miss Co-ed October 2013! Ashley enjoys exercising, baking, cooking, shopping, and literature, along with spending quality time with her friends and family. Her recent October win puts her in the running for Miss Co-ed 2014. Check

Amanda Cerny : Lovely Lady Of The Day

Amanda Cerny is an accomplished Playboy model who recently did a steamy photoshoot for 138 Water is our Lovely Lady of the Day! Cerny is a gorgeous 22-year old playmate who was Miss October 2011. Check out her fantastic gallery down below!

The Suicide Girls: Lovely Ladies of the Day

There are few things I love more than a confident woman. One of those things is nearly to completely nekkid confident woman and because of that I’m a huge fan of the Suicide Girls. They describe themselves as: A collection of 2,500+ pin-up gals devoted to changing your idea about what makes a lady beautiful…&


The Emmy’s Hottest Ladies!

The Emmy Awards were last night and the ladies trotted out some very sexy numbers for the occasion! Nation favorites Sofia Vergara, and Christina Hendricks were the highlights of last night’s show but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a bevy of gorgeous ladies attending. Check out the gallery of some of our favorite outfits down

L Caplan (6)

Lizzy Caplan Is Awesomely Sexy!

The actress of Mean Girls fame has had an incredible career and has also displayed a wide ranging of acting skills that leaves us blown away. From True Blood to New Girl, Lizzy Caplan has proven herself to be an amazingly skilled actress and comedienne. To celebrate her downright amazing career, we’ve put together a

T Vail (3)

Theresa Vail Is One Sexy Badass!

Whenever someone mentions Miss America, people imagine faceless pretty women in pretty dresses usually saying stupid things. However, Miss America contestant Theresa Vail is a whole new level of awesome that the pageant has never seen before.┬áCompeting as Miss Kansas, Vail already kicked things off by writing this inspirational bit on her personal blog: “If

stephanie cook

Stephanie Cook In a Bikini … You’re Welcome!

Stephanie Cook, ever heard of her? Well let me learn ya some if you’re unfamiliar with her beautiful face. Stephanie is a model, currently living in Los Angeles, and has been in the bizz for about 6 years. You can check out more of her work here, but be sure to check out the pics

Victoria L (11)

Victoria Lake Is The New Sexy Miss Coed! [NSFW]

New to the modeling and fashion scene, Victoria Lake has already made a big splash with her first photoshoot! The 22 year-old model from Sicily is steaming up Coed Magazine, and has only barely just started in the modeling world. Check out the gallery from her first photo shoot down below!

Jessica Ashley: Instagram Hottie of the Day

How many of you have heard of Jessica Ashley? For those of you who don’t, she’s going to become a household name very soon. Only 22 year old, Jessica Ashley is a very busy-bee. She was added to this year’s Maxim’s 100 Hot Girls Next Door, Sports Illustrated Lady of the Day, and many more.