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Smart Car

Drag Racing With Smart Cars?!

Drag Racing With Smart Cars?!

Smart Cars are pitted in drag races against some of the fastest cars! Who would have thought the results would have been so entertaining!


Lower Your IQ, Thinking is Hard!

Ever feel that you are thinking too much? Maybe that your IQ is just too high? YouTuber SleepthinkerFilms has ‘created’ a pill to reduce your IQ! Hooray!

samsung galaxy

Samsung Galaxy S IV Leaked Screenshots

Some screenshots have been leaked of the new Samsung Galaxy S IV and we get to see some of the new features!


X-Box SmartGlass Streamlines Entertainment

X-Box SmartGlass Streamlines Entertainment Microsoft is unleashing it’s SmartGlass app for the X-Box 360 this Friday. The free app acts as a tether for all of your mobile devices, syncing them to your X-Box 360 seamlessly and making communication between them a breeze.