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Help a Fellow Monkey Out, Bro!

Help a Fellow Monkey Out, Bro!

An adorable video was uploaded to LiveLeak of an adorable spider monkey asking a man for some assistance with crushing some leaves. I warn you now … there is nothing cuter than seeing a tiny monkey using its adorable little hands holding a human’s hand. Prepare yourself for a cute overload!


Impossible Karaoke: Could You Do It?

Imagine if someone combined the karaoke-styling of American Idol with pain from Fear Factor into a single TV show. Well a Turkish television show did just that! Dear god … karaoke torture!


Spider Builds Spider Decoys

A new animal species has been found: a spider that scientists believe spin webs that look like decoy spiders. So basically I’m as terrified as I’ve ever been.


Space Stories! Spiders And The Magnetic Highway

Some really cool stuff is going on in space, you guys. NASA’s Voyager 1 is continuing its trek out of our solar system, onto what’s being called the magnetic highway, and I’ve learned a word I’d never thought I’d write: Spidernaut.


100 Million Year Old Creepy Spider

….Dear god the humanity. The monstrosity pictured above is a fossil and it contains the exact moment that an extinct species of creepy ass spider decided to decimate that equally extinct and creepy species of wasp.