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Best Sports Vines!

ESPN compiled a series of sports-related vines that are awesome! From trick shots to hilarious fouls, these vines stood above the rest according to sports giant ESPN! My favorite is Harley from Epic Meal Time, who’s vine has a very special guest in it! Nation What is your favorite vine? Tell us about it in


Unicycle Football: This Sport Will Kill You

Unicycle football is sweeping the nation (I think), and kids everywhere are creating there own leagues (maybe). I have found a new sport for the Olympics! The sport of kings! The sport that is sure to put most of it’s participants in the hospital. I’ve heard of competitive juggling, which seemed utterly silly and dangerous,


The Matrix + Sports = freeD

I am not one to join my friends to watch the big game because I find most sports to be slow-paced. However, if the NFL and MLB introduce freeD into all their events, I may change my tune. freeD, or Free Dimensional Video developed by Replay Technologies, allows users to have full, interactive control of


SPORTS: Skimboarder High Fives Boat with Face

I hate all sports! Even skimboarding and curling! You have to be athletic to be an athlete, and I’m not into that. Also, sports usually lead to you getting hurt. For example, this group of friends attempts to go skimboarding, and it doesn’t end well. NATION What is your least favorite sport?

Where the Trail Ends

Where The Trail Ends Is Beautiful!

This beautiful video entitled “Where The Trail Ends”¬†follows several bikers as they climb, fall, and ride down treacherous mountain trails! The gorgeously shot short shows us pieces of the mountain biking life often left out of most show reels. For example, we never see how riders struggle to get their bikes up the trails just

American Ninja Warrior

Streaker Pwns American Ninja Warrior!

Nate Mitchell prepared to take his shot at defeating the American Ninja Warrior, but before he could start his run a streaker jumped in and nearly finished it for him. The streaker, identified in the comments as Thomas Tapp of the Tapp Brothers, ran the course with ease. He even took the time to strike


Extreme Sports: Bubble Football!

A group of Italian youth football players wanted to have a little more fun, and decided to add inflatable suits to add a whole new level of skill to the sport. I see a future olympic sport in the making! Nation Do you have a favorite obscure sport?


102-Year-Old Woman Goes Basejumping!

You think you are too old to do extreme sports? Well, there’s a 102-year-old woman who just went basejumping for the first time so you have no excuse! NATION: Have you ever gone basejumping? Have you ever done any other extreme sports?


SPORTS NEWS: Power Wheel Racing!

A new sport is sweeping the nation, and it involves racing Power Wheels down hills at high speeds with no protection! I miss my Power Wheel, I had one of those awesome Barbie style Jeeps. The ladies loved me for it. Finally I can take part in a sport!   QUESTION Did you guys ever