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Team Snow Fortress 2!

Team Snow Fortress 2!

A group of friends decided that instead of being stuck inside and miserable during the polar vortex, they would put the snowy tundra to good use. That’s how we got this: Team Fortress 2 re-imagined as a snowball fight! EDIT: Sorry guys, “group of friends” was meant casually. No disrespect towards the radical dudes over


Bug Found In London Ecuadorian Embassy!

The Ecuadorian Foreign Minister has claimed that a hidden listening device was found in his country’s embassy during his visit in London last month. During a press conference yesterday in Ecuador’s capital Quito,¬†Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino Aroca said a bug was found during the regular security check by the Ecuadorian intelligence for the embassy


Russian Authorities Detain American Spy?!

Russian authorities have captured a supposed underground CIA spy who was plotting to recruit a Russian intelligence officer to work with the US. Ryan Folger, a diplomat working at the American embassy, was detained carrying a large sum of cash, an instruction manual for turning the Russian intelligence officer, and some ‘spy’ gear: wigs, microphone,

Warrant-less Surveillance 1

Senate Approve Warrant-less Tapping

In a vote of 73 to 23, the U.S. Senate voted for approval warrant-less surveillance of American citizens for the next 5 years. The approval means that we’ll be living with Bush-esque spy laws for another half decade. Under the guise of anti-terrorism, government agencies can now access your phone, texts, and email accounts sans

big brother

Big Brother is Coming!

Remember that book 1984, the one you read in elementary school that talked about the future and how to prepare for a dystopian world that was bound to happen in the 1980s? Then you remember it was the 90s when you read it, and you probably have nothing to worry about … at least for


US Students Train To Be Cyberspies

I’m going to be saying “Cyber” a lot today. I’m as upset about it as you are. But there’s something awesome going down at the University of Tulsa. Basically, they’ve created themselves a spy factory. Digital spy. Ugh. Yes.¬†Cyberspy. Students are being taught to how to be awesome spies and basically try to spy on