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Family Organizes Star Wars Funeral For Terminally Ill Son

Four year old Jack Robinson tragically passed away earlier this month from an inoperable brain tumor. After learning about the tumor his family and friends created a bucket list that included meeting a pop star, singing with Doctor Who, and having a Star Wars themed funeral.

What You Didn’t Know About Star Wars!

Thank your lucky stars, Star Wars fans, because you nearly lost a very dear character. io9 recently released a list of “10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi.” The list highlights 10 facts about the inner workings of the film that could have drastically changed the series, including

Star Wars Speed Dating

Speed Dating Star Wars Style!

Stan Lee’s World of Heroes presents Star Wars Speed Dating, where every girl would rather be encased in carbonite than deal with some of the crazy aliens from around the universe. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go on short dates with all the Star Wars leading men? Well, Stan Lee’s


Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars Rant ANIMATED!

In honor of Geek Week, Nerdist animated Patton Oswalt’s famous speech from the bonus clip from his Parks and Recreation episode. Patton’s ideas were fantastic, and seeing them animated makes it ten times more awesome! NATION What do you want to see in Star Wars Episode 7?

Star Wars Prank

Star Wars Elevator Prank Is Hilarious!

Youtubers Jesterlads pulled off Star Wars prank on an elevator full of people that’s both hilarious and frustrating to those inside. When the elevator passengers question how the strange hooded man is able to keep the doors open, he simply responds ‘it’s the force.’ The force of a finger on an elevator button still counts

Star Wars Ep 7

Episode 7 Fan Trailer is Awesome!

This amazing trailer mixed together from existing footage creates a really awesome tease for what Star Wars Episode 7 could be! A lot of fan made trailers have been put out lately for episode 7, but this one edited by YouTube user Mr8868866 stands out from the others. Like some of the latest fan creations, the