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Edward Snowden Claims the NSA was Responsible for Syria’s Internet Blackout in 2012

Edward Snowden Claims the NSA was Responsible for Syria’s Internet Blackout in 2012

The 48 hour internet blackout Syria suffered in 2012 may not have been the fault of its government or terrorist, but the NSA.

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Syrian Interview Takes a Scary Turn

An interview with Syrian Children went from innocent conversation to a scramble for their lives; a harsh window into the events abroad. These kids were just chatting with a camera man about the hardships of war when suddenly, the war comes to them. A shell comes crashing down and everyone runs for cover. The craziest


Syria Accepts Russian Chemical Weapons Proposal

Earlier this week, Russian officials proposed that the Syrian government should hand over their chemical weapons arsenal to the international community to stop a missile strike from the US, and Syria agreed to the plan. Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem was quoted, saying: ‘We held a very fruitful round of talks with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

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Why We Might Bomb Syria This Month

The situation in Syria is confusing and terrifying. Americans are afraid of jumping into yet another war that has no end in sight, so here is a rundown as to why we might bomb Syria this month, and what that might mean for our future. In March of 2011, Syrian citizens took to the streets


Syrian Rebel Brutality May Stop U.S. Aid

A video recently leaked by a former Syrian rebel shows seven prisoners being brutally executed and their bodies unceremoniously dumped in a well after the U.S. decided to strike against Bashar Al-Assad. The Senate approved the resolution to strike against Assad yesterday, and on the heels of approval comes a video showing the execution of


Will The U.S. Intervene In Syria?

Today, the U.S. Senate met to debate a potential military intervention in the Syrian civil war. The hearing comes after a devastating chemical attack killed over 1300 civilians in a Syrian residential neighborhood. The long standing debate on who is responsible for the attack remains ongoing. However, Senator John Kerry has stated that the Assad


Obama Has Not Made a Decision on Syria

President Obama appeared on PBS NewsHour and stated that he has not made a decision about Syria and explains why an attack on Syria would be beneficial. He stated that an attack on Syria would not be like Iraq, which most people are worried about, and it would be limited attacks to discourage chemical attacks.


Syria UPDATE: One Bit of Good News

The Syria situation is constantly changing and we going to try to keep you up to date the best we can. Currently, the Syrian government is expecting an attack from the US and its allies, evacuating government official and their families from Damascus. Poland has stated that they will not be involved with the attack

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Syria UPDATE: Military Strikes Could Start on Thursday

It has been reported that the US, UK, and France are ready to launch an attack on the Syria government and it could be as soon as this Thursday. Secretary Kerry has stated that the Syrian governments use of chemical weapons is undeniable and Defense Secretary Hagel has stated that US forces are ready to


Syria UPDATE: UN Inspectors Shot Upon by Snipers

The UN Inspectors who were sent to Syria were fired upon by unidentified snipers at the start of their expedition. The attack did not stop them, and they continued on to hospitals to interview patients and family members, gather samples, and stated they were satisfied with their first day of work. Although they have not

A youth who survived from what activists say is a gas attack cries in Damascus

1,300 Killed In Syrian Gas Strike

Horrifying barely describes the scene in Damascus after 1,300 civilians were killed as they slept in their beds. Activists have accused President Bashar al-Assad’s forces of launching Sarin gas attack in what is considered the worst use of poison gas since World War II. Reportedly, rockets filled with chemical agents hit the suburbs of Ain

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US Has Supplied The Syrian Rebels Since 2012?!

President Obama recently confirmed the US will start supplying the Syrian rebels with weapons. It turns out we’ve been secretly supplying them since last year. CIA operatives and US special operations troops have been secretly training Syrian rebels with anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons since late last year. President Obama and the administration only recently announced


Russian Authorities Detain American Spy?!

Russian authorities have captured a supposed underground CIA spy who was plotting to recruit a Russian intelligence officer to work with the US. Ryan Folger, a diplomat working at the American embassy, was detained carrying a large sum of cash, an instruction manual for turning the Russian intelligence officer, and some ‘spy’ gear: wigs, microphone,