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Find Out How Fast You Can Read!

Find Out How Fast You Can Read!

Source: Staples eReader Department Staples put together this awesome e-reading speed test in order to show how reading on a tablet compares to can actual book. How was your average?


Redbox/Verizon to Launch Media Streaming Site

Redbox and Verizon have finally unveiled their plans for a new media streaming site: Redbox Instant by Verizon. Coinstar, Redbox’s parent company and partner Verizon revealed that the company’s services will compete head-to-head with similar services such as Netflix, and Hulu. The beta for the site will be launching later this month and offers three


Microsoft Being Sued Over Surface Storage

Microsoft is being sued by Andrew Sokolowski, saying that the company is misrepresenting the amount of storage space available to users on the new Surface Tablet. The company’s new hardware has had a lot of issues since its release just this past October. Now, Sokolowski, a Los Angeles based lawyer has filed a lawsuit against

Galaxy Note II

Samsung Galaxy Note II Review

Samsung Galaxy Note II Review So one of the benefits of going Android when choosing a phone is that you have a plethora of devices to choose from.  Each new toy is bigger and better than the last (or smaller and better whatever your size preference may be) and as much as I was craving


X-Box SmartGlass Streamlines Entertainment

X-Box SmartGlass Streamlines Entertainment Microsoft is unleashing it’s SmartGlass app for the X-Box 360 this Friday. The free app acts as a tether for all of your mobile devices, syncing them to your X-Box 360 seamlessly and making communication between them a breeze.