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2014 Grammys

What you Missed at The 2014 Grammy Awards

What you Missed at The 2014 Grammy Awards

The 56th Annual Grammy Awards were filled with moments of awe and inspiration, that some felt were trashy and awful. Here’s your recap of what you may have missed yesterday night. Let’s kick things off with this year’s winners: Album of the Year went to Daft Punk’s wildly popular Random Access Memories, Record of the


Harry Styles Gets Hit in the Balls!

One Direction Pop Star Harry Styles had not one but TWO shoes thrown at him, however it was the second one that hit home. During a concert on Tuesday in Glasgow, Scotland, Harry Styles and One Direction bandmates bantered with fans during a break. Suddenly a wild shoe appeared! The shoe was then picked up

Walter White and Jessie Sing

Breaking Bad the Musical ft. Taylor Swift

So….Breaking Bad the Musical ft. Taylor Swift….ya I didn’t think that would work either but this is all sorts of fantastic.  As a fan of the true love story in Breaking Bad (Walter White and Jessie P) I loved this video that is SPOILERTASTIC so only watch it if you are caught up. PS.  #KillSkyler