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Anita Sarkeesian

Anita Sarkeesian Forced To Leave Home After Serious Rape and Murder Threats

Anita Sarkeesian Forced To Leave Home After Serious Rape and Murder Threats

Feminist Frequency host Anita Sarkeesian was forced to go off the radar after a twitter user threatened to rape and murder her as a result of her recent video released (see above) studying ‘Women used as Decoration’ in gaming.


Which Tech Companies Have Your Back?

Every year the Electronic Frontier Foundation releases their report card on the top tech companies who may or may not have you back. Which companies were awesome this year?


Google Reveals OS for Smartwatches!

Google has announced Android Wear, a version of the mobile OS specfically designed for wearable devices such as watches, and Motorola announced the Moto 360, a watch designed for Android Wear.

Top 100 Gadgets Of The Last Century!

Mail Online compiled a list of the 100 most influential inventions from the past 100 years! The list was compiled from a survey taken from over 3,900 tech and gadget lovers, and includes some of the most biggest inventions to change our lives and how we live them. From the first laptop to the Playstation


Samsung Galaxy Gear is Almost Here!

The Galaxy Gear, Samsung’s response to the rumored Apple iWatch, is now set to be released September 4th of this year. Samsung is releasing the Galaxy Gear just before the IFA Consumer Electronic Show in Berlin, as well as the Galaxy Note 3. Lee Young-hee, Samsung’s VP of mobile bussiness, confirmed the date and released


Pacific Rim’s Jaegers Could Become a Real Thing!

After seeing Pacific Rim, I think we all wanted to pilot our own Jaeger. YouTuber Yu Jiang Tham just brought humanity one step closer to Jaeger technology. NATION Would you want your own Jaeger or be best friends with a Transformer?

David Cameron Soft Core Porn

UK’s Family Filters Won’t Block Soft Core Porn!

Prime Minister David Cameron is facing hard questions on how his plan for auto “porn filters” in every UK home would work, after saying soft core porn would still be accessible. The PM announced in a major speech the plan to protect children from “poisonous” pornography websites he claimed were “corroding childhood”. He stated internet

Who has your back banner

Which Tech Companies Will Protect Your Privacy?

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has released its annual “Who Has Your Back” report card for online privacy. When using the internet, you entrust your conversations, status updates, check-ins and inane photos to a bunch of online companies from Google to Facebook. Do these companies comply when the government demands your private information? In this year’s


Billboards that Pull Water Out of Thin Air

Potable water is brought to the most arid areas in Peru with the help of a new type of billboard. You heard me … billboards are collecting and purifying drinking water. The water-producing billboard is currently located in the desert portion of Peru’s capital, Lima. As the video states, Lima only receives about .51 inches


Control your World with Gestures?!

Myo is an armband designed to recognize the gestures you make with your hands so you can control your devices with little effort. Holy smokes it looks cool. Imagine being able to stop and start your music with just a snap of your fingers? How about when you’re giving a presentation at school or work

Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan and New Gaming Tech

Fresh off of finishing the Dark Knight Trilogy, director Christopher Nolan may have already lined up his next project. Nolan is reportedly in talks to direct the sci-fi film Interstellar. The script was written by his brother Jonathan Nolan and based on the theories of theoretical, gravitational and astrophysicist Kip Thorne. Prior to Nolan, director Steven Spielberg was once


Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is looming and already the campsites are being set up around the country and some deals seem to be worth braving the psychotic 28-days-later like zombie hordes. For gaming, Best Buy is currently taking the lead with some great bundles that include and XBOX 360 bundles which contains a 250 GB system, Skyrim,


The Guts Of The Wii U

Guts of the Wii U Reviews of the WiiU abound from every major game-reviewer out there, and they are based on the subjective feelings of each reviewer.  For a bit of black and white, here’s a breakdown of the hardware inside the Wii U and the Wii U controller. Please note: I didn’t personally take