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Electrocution For Dummies!

Electrocution For Dummies!

Hollywood movies often misrepresent electrocution, so “professional dumbass” Mehdi Sadaghdar breaks it down for us! It was terrifying to watch him put his fingers into the electrically charged water! I was so sure he would be electrocuted as a result. What is a common movie misconceptions that you know of? Tell us about it in

Praise Castiel! Supernatural Fans Get Season 8!

As reported on WebProNews, Supernatural fans finally get to catch up on the current season on Netflix starting October 3rd! Other fan-geared shows like New Girl and Breaking Bad are also newly available to the site. Fans are anticipating the launch of other shows like American Horror Story and Sons of Anarchy to become viewable


Kevin Spacey Understands Television

Kevin Spacey gave the keynote speech at the James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture at the Edinburgh Television Festival and spoke about giving the control to the viewers. What does this mean? Spacey understands the audience perfectly and states that viewers don’t care where they watch their films or tv series, they just want a compelling storyline, and


Joe Biden To Guest Star On Parks And Rec

Months ago, Vice President Joe Biden filmed a guest-star role on Parks and Recreation. Somewhere, Karl Rove is slamming his hand on his desk yelling about the damned arrogance of the man. But it’s Joe Biden. What the hell else is he doing?


Epic NBC Comeback!

Epic NBC Comeback! My father used to say, “A blind hog finds an acorn every once in a while.” Actually, he still says that, but things sound fancier when they’re from the past. Speaking of the past, NBC, the television network that used to have shows like Friends, Frasier, and Seinfeld seems to be making a comeback in the