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The BJ Machine You’ve Always Wanted Is Finally Up for Pre-Order

The BJ Machine You’ve Always Wanted Is Finally Up for Pre-Order

If you were waiting for Autoblow 2 to make it out on the market, your dreams has finally come true!


Nobody Fired Over US Airways “Planegina” Incident

In an update from yesterday’s story, US Airways has released a statement regarding the photo that was tweeted.


Cats Don’t Understand Humans!

Don’t you get frustrated when your cat poops or urinates in your kid’s sandbox? Honestly, it’s not the cat’s fault. After using a litter box their whole life, they are confused as to why a kid would play in a place that is used for pooping.


LEGO Gets Its First Feature Film!

LEGO: the toy that brought endless joy with their numerous construction sets, games, and short films. While at the same time, bringing us excruciating pain if we were to accidentally step on one. It has been announced that LEGO is releasing its first feature-length film, starring Chris Pratt, Liam Neeson, Will Ferrell and Morgan Freeman! Check out the trailer!


Ferrets on Steroids Sold as Toy Poodles in Argentina

An Argentinian veterinarian was pleasantly surprised when he purchased two toy poodles from a local market and they turned to be ferrets pumped full of steroids.


Finding Dory to Be Released in 2015

Disney and Pixar announced that a sequel to Finding Nemo will be released in 2015!


Russian Driver Pranks Cops with Hamster Toy

Russian police officer gets a little surprise when he pulls this random civilian over.


Gun Found In Child’s Christmas Gift

I loved Christmas morning when I was a kid. Heck, I still get excited about Christmas morning. … Waking up really early, the smell of Christmas in the air, waiting for your parents to wake up, looking for evidence of Santa, studying the shapes of the gifts and try to guess what toys were inside…

Super Man

Best Movie Figures EVER

Best Movie Figures EVER I’m a big time collector of movie figures and toys so I tend to be critical of the accuracy of the items out there.  If you are spending a lot of money on this stuff, it should make you feel like part of the film, ya know?