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Houdini Trailer Released!

Houdini Trailer Released!

The trailer for the History Channel’s two-night special about Harry Houdini has released it’s first trailer!


James Franco Summarizes Movie Plots in 5 Seconds!

James Franco and Jimmy Fallon play a game where he has to summarize movie plots in 5 seconds!


Transporter Series Trailer Released!

TNT released the trailer for its upcoming, Jason Statham-less, Transporter series, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it.


Selfie Trailer Released!

The trailer for the ABC series ‘Selfie’ starring Karen Gillan and John Cho has been released!

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You Can Watch Gargoyles on YouTube

Remember the joy that was 90′s animation? Remember the epic creation that was Gargoyles? Well, rely on your memory no longer, because you can watch Gargoyles on YouTube, today! Disney decided to put up the show online for your consumption. Click here to see the playlist!

Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles to Appear on ‘Ridiculousness’!

Jenna Marbles is jumping from the internet to the small screen, appearing on MTV’s ‘Ridiculousness’ curating and commenting on this week’s viral videos! The ultra-sexy blogger will be on tonight’s episode that airs at 10PM EST, and you can get a sneak peek right here. Marbles has appeared on MTV before, on an episode of

Why Does The Internet Hate Skyler White? *Spoilers*

This fantastic parody video gives insight into why the internet hates the T.V. wives of the characters they love. Lack of sympathy for these women in lieu of their insanely cool husbands may play a factor in the hate that television wives, Skyler White, Betty Draper, and Carmela Soprano tend to get. This doesn’t apply

bill nye

Bill Nye the Science Guy on Dancing with the Stars?!

The celebrity line-up for this season’s Dancing with the Stars has been announced, and they actually have some culturally relevant choices. The big names are Bill Nye the Science Guy and Snooki! That’s right! Never thought of Bill as a dancer, but I’m excited! Valerie Harper will also be a contestant, which is surprising, seeing that she

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart Is TV’s Highest Paid Host!

Jon Stewart is now the king of late night, with a salary of $25-$30 million per year. TV Guide Magazine recently released its annual survey of star salaries, revealing that Jon Stewart has overtaken Jay Leno, David Letterman, and Jimmy Kimmel as the king of late night television. Stewart’s ratings have steadily risen over the


The Best News Video Bombs to Date!

Who doesn’t love a good video bomb on your local news station? YouTuber FunnyLocalNews compiled all the funniest news bombs into a hilarious video. Enjoy! Click here to see my favorite clip!


Two Newscasters B*tch Each Other Out on Air

There is nothing better than seeing newscasters losing their cool on the air. Anchorwoman Nicole Brewster of CBS 3 Philly just can’t seem to hide her hate of her fellow newscaster. Thank you AmazingLife247 for putting these clips together. I was unbelievably uncomfortable through this entire video.   QUESTION Have you ever had to work


Titus – The Trick Shot Baby Returns!

Remember from a few months back we covered a video of a toddler named Titus that could make incredible trick shots. Well, Titus has returned and he has come up with some even crazier tricks. Check him out! Damn, this kid is exploding with talent! He’s got a bright future!


Francia Raisa is Heating Up The Mindy Project

For those of you who haven’t started watching Fox’s The Mindy Project, maybe Francia Raisa will peak your interest. Francia, or Francia Raisa Almendárez, is an American actress from Southern California and has starred in a number of television series, most notably The Secret Life of an American Teenager and The Mindy Project. Raisa also played