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Twitter’s New Layout Looks Just Like FaceBook

Twitter has been testing a new look for it’s layout, and it’s suspiciously similar to FaceBook. Actually it’s more like Facebook and Google + had a social networking baby. Then that baby grew up and decided Tumblr was the coolest and they had their own little abomination. THAT is what the new twitter layout looks


R. Kelly’s Twitter PR Stunt Gone Wrong!

R. Kelly took to twitter to promote his new album. The PR move, meant to promote Black Panties, instead turned the alleged sex offender into a joke. To get the word out and connect with his fans in order to draw attention to his album releasing this week, Hip Hop legend R. Kelly sent out

Jaden Smith Is A Twitter Buddha!

Earlier this year, Will Smith’s son, Jaden did a joint interview with his father for New York Magazine that detailed the duo’s interesting beliefs. The interview detailed the Smith’s micro-obsession with patterns, physics, mathematics. The father-son team stated for example: Interviewer: Do you see patterns too, Jaden? Jaden: I think that there is that special

Best Sports Vines!

ESPN compiled a series of sports-related vines that are awesome! From trick shots to hilarious fouls, these vines stood above the rest according to sports giant ESPN! My favorite is Harley from Epic Meal Time, who’s vine has a very special guest in it! Nation What is your favorite vine? Tell us about it in


Catholic Church Offering Indulgences On Twitter

In a last ditch attempt to stay relevant on social networks, the Vatican is offering one of it’s oldest traditions: indulgences. Indulgences granted by the church reduce the time believers would spend in purgatory after they have confessed and have been absolved of their sins. The tradition had a particularly bad reputation, because in the

Catch me if you can

Don’t Tweet If You’re On The Run!

When you’re a fugitive on the run from the law, tweeting may not be the best idea. Wanda Lee Ann Podgurski was convicted of disability and insurance fraud in January and has been on the run ever since. That is until she decided to taunt the San Diego County’s DA office by sending out a


Viner of the Week: Nicholas Megalis

Are you a fan of raps about bras full of peanuts and wallets full of gummy money? You should check out Nicholas Megalis and his spectacular Vines! Here are just a few of the genius raps from Nicholas Megalis’ Vine account. Be sure to follow him on Vine and Twitter! (@nicholasmegalis)


Standing Man: The Symbol of Turkish Protesters

Erdem Gunduz, a Turkish choreographer, started a new form of civil disobedience in Istanbul’s Taksim Square by simply standing quietly for hours on end. Twitter has now renamed Gunduz ‘The Standing Man,’ and word quickly spread of his peaceful protest on social media sites. The choreographer’s plan was to stay standing still there for a month, breaking every 24 hours