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87 Wrongfully Convicted Go Free

2013 saw a record high of people were exonerated after being convicted of crimes they did not commit. One third of those cases found no crime had been committed in the first place. The National Registry of Exonerations released its stunning report which found that 22 men and 5 women were given sentences that ranged


Isolationism Has Hit A 50 Year High

A recent Pew poll as reveled that Americans are less interested in U.S. foreign engagement than ever before, and that may not necessarily be a good thing. The poll has been measuring public opinion since 1964, and found that 52% of Americans believe that  “the U.S. should mind its own business internationally and let other countries

U.S. Broken Down By Personality?!

Click here to Enlarge Map Peter J. Rentfrow and his colleagues have broken down a map of the U.S. to represent the personality types that reside in each area! After combining data from five different surveys, Rentfrow and his team have been able to quantify the U.S on it’s different political, economic, social and health

Terra Dawg

Bouncing, Breakdancing, Baby Girl Terra!

She goes by B-Girl Terra for short, but I guarantee you’ll never meet another 6-year-old with feet as ‘footloose’ as hers. That’s right, she’s 6-years-old, and, let’s face it, even though you’ve really been studying up on ‘Dancing with the Stars’, she probably dances better than most of us ever will. Limbering up, (Safety first


Syria Accepts Russian Chemical Weapons Proposal

Earlier this week, Russian officials proposed that the Syrian government should hand over their chemical weapons arsenal to the international community to stop a missile strike from the US, and Syria agreed to the plan. Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem was quoted, saying: ‘We held a very fruitful round of talks with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov


Syria UPDATE: One Bit of Good News

The Syria situation is constantly changing and we going to try to keep you up to date the best we can. Currently, the Syrian government is expecting an attack from the US and its allies, evacuating government official and their families from Damascus. Poland has stated that they will not be involved with the attack

Mideast Syria

Syria UPDATE: Military Strikes Could Start on Thursday

It has been reported that the US, UK, and France are ready to launch an attack on the Syria government and it could be as soon as this Thursday. Secretary Kerry has stated that the Syrian governments use of chemical weapons is undeniable and Defense Secretary Hagel has stated that US forces are ready to


Obama Administration to Begin Arming Syrian Rebels

The Obama administration announced earlier this year that they would begin sending military aid to the Syrian rebels, and they now have stated that they will be moving forward with that plan. US government officials feel that they are in the best position to start sending arms to the Syrian rebels, and they have assured

Mexico Fattest Nation

America Is No Longer The Fattest Nation Ever!

Americans are celebrating the loss of a title for the first time! We are no longer the fattest nation on the planet! The king is dead! Long live the King, Mexico! That’s right, according to a recently released UN report, the United States is no longer the country with the largest overweight population. Mexico has


Recycling Is A Scam?!

Calgary was one of the last major Canadian cities to implement a curbside recycling program, but does recycling actually help the environment. Shortly after the city implemented it’s program, The National Post’s reported Kevin Libin took a look into the effects recycling actually had on the environment. What he found was while recycling made people


Real-Life Loop of Macklemore’s ‘Can’t Hold Us’

It’s always entertaining when a musician can play multiple instruments, loop recordings of said instruments, and make an awesome song. YouTuber StonysWorld recorded sounds from everyday items and then layered a loop of each recording, creating a cover of Macklemore’s ‘Can’t Hold Us’.   QUESTION Do you want to make love to Macklemore?