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Verizon User Allegedly Proves The Speed Issues Are Verizon’s Fault, Not Netflix

Verizon User Allegedly Proves The Speed Issues Are Verizon’s Fault, Not Netflix

Customer.io CEO Colin Nederkoorn’s personal blog may have revealed that it is Verizon who’s at fault for Netflix’s throttled traffic.


Verizon Claims Netflix is Intentionally Slowing Down Its Own Traffic

Another twist in the Verzion/Netflix feud has Verizon claiming Netflix chose to funnel traffic through congested channels slowing down its users access to content.


Netflix Tells Verizon to Deal with It!

Netflix has received a cease and desist from Verizon to stop informing customers that ISP’s are to blame for poor streaming. Netflix responded with a resounding: No.

Larry Klayman Nine Companies

Nine Companies Sued Over PRISM Surveillance

Former Justice Department prosecutor Larry Klayman is filing the first class-action lawsuit against nine companies tied to the PRISM program. Klayman stated he will file a class-action lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia targeting government officials and each of the nine companies listed in a leaked National Security Agency slideshow as participants in


NSA Has All Your Phone Records!

The Guardian published an article last night revealing that the NSA has been spying on Verizon wireless customers phone records. A top-secret court order from FISC (Federal Intelligence Surveillance Court) was issued back in April that required Verizon Wireless to hand-over phone records to the NSA, meaning the location of the phone, the time of the call, the


Redbox/Verizon to Launch Media Streaming Site

Redbox and Verizon have finally unveiled their plans for a new media streaming site: Redbox Instant by Verizon. Coinstar, Redbox’s parent company and partner Verizon revealed that the company’s services will compete head-to-head with similar services such as Netflix, and Hulu. The beta for the site will be launching later this month and offers three

big brother

Big Brother is Coming!

Remember that book 1984, the one you read in elementary school that talked about the future and how to prepare for a dystopian world that was bound to happen in the 1980s? Then you remember it was the 90s when you read it, and you probably have nothing to worry about … at least for


AT&T (Aggravatingly Terrible Telephones) Worst in Nation

Consumer Reports has released its annual ranking of the best and worst cell phone carriers in the nation, and the results may surprise you!