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The 50 Most Frustrating Video Game Moments

The 50 Most Frustrating Video Game Moments

My top 3? The water temple from Legend of Zelda, the turret area in Dead Space (glorified Asteroids game), and the Zubats. Seriously all of those gorramn Zubats were the absolute worst.

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Of All The Things They Could Simulate, They Chose Goats.

UPDATE (By: Amanda M): It’s been confirmed, although not the intention in its inception Goat Simulator has become a real game that anyone can buy! You can see the official trailer for the release, above and you can pre-order the game for 9.99 here, which will give you early access to Goat Simulator, 3 days

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Thief 101 Trailer Released

This cinematic trailer for the game “Thief” by Eidos Montreal and Square Enix draws viewers in and leaves gamers waiting on the edge of their couch for its release. The studio who brought you “Deus Ex: Human Revolution”, comes back with a winning combination of compelling story arc with beautiful next-gen graphics. I’m personally intrigued


The Best Of Computer Animation for 2012-2013

The annual SIGGRAPH festival in Anaheim is upon us! That special time of the year where we honor and showcase the best of computer graphics and animation over the past year. SIGGRAPH put together a short preview that highlighted some of the best computer animation in video games and movies that will be featured at the


Twitch.tv App Now Available on Xbox Live!

Gamers rejoice! The new Twitch.tv app will be available for download on Xbox Live today, granting Xbox Live Gold account holders access to live content. Emmet Shear, CEO of Twitch, said “Our app for Xbox 360 brings Twitch video to the television and into the living room of millions of Xbox Live members for the


Vine is for Porn!

Vine, the Twitter owned video sharing app, had an explicit ‘dildo play’ hit the top of it’s “Editor’s Picks” feed.

Violent Video Games

OPINION: Blaming Video Games is Going Too Far

With two bills about to hit the legislature regarding violent video games, it seems like now more than ever this popular form of entertainment is under fire. After the Obama administration’s pledge to study the link between video games and violence, lawmakers have decided to take it a step further and create a new pair of bills that

Video Game Burning 1

Connecticut Town to Burn Violent Video Games

Organizers in the community of Southington, Connecticut are planning to offer gift certificates in exchange for donated games. SouthingtonSOS, a group that was formed after the recent storms that hit the east coast, are organizing the drive that will end in a bonfire of digital media. The coalition says it’s actions do not assert the

Disney Infinity Art

Disney Infinity: Bold Multi-Platform Experience

Disney to announce an open ended, multi-platform sandbox adventure featuring everyone’s favorite Disney and Pixar characters. After the failed Disney Universe, Disney seems to be taking the excellently implemented Toy Box from the Toy Story 3 tie in game, adding more franchises and putting it across console and mobile platforms. The leak detailed several open world “playsets”

South Park The Stick of Truth

South Park “The Stick of Truth” Trailer

I was at the VGA’s when they released the trailer and after I giggled like a stupid child seeing boobies for the first time I thought oh no….what if this is terrible.  Its not like South Park hasn’t already unleashed an abortion on the Xbox Live marketplace before…but like Rihanna I thought, “Maybe it’ll be


The Official Legend of Zelda Timeline

This Is The Legend of Zelda From Start to Finish The Legend of Zelda will forever be enshrined in the Video Game Pantheon as one of the best, if not the best, series of all time. Not debatable. However, one aspect of TLoZ that has been debated by countless fans over the last two decades


Get Your Game On

The Wii U’s coming out and Black Friday’s coming up, so naturally it’s time to check and see if the first new console we’ve seen in six years is worth the effort. That’s right. It’s time for Nerd Porn. Let’s pull the pin on the Pornade and check out the Wii U.


Nerd Porn: Black Ops II And Some Hobbit Music

Whenever it’s time for Nerd Porn, you know it’s time for some reviews. Today, we’ve got Black Ops II coming out, as well as a lovely song by Neil Finn that he composed for the upcoming movie The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.