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Dash cam vid

Terrible Cops Caught on Dash Cam!!

Marcus Jeter was looking at spending nearly five years in prison for eluding police, resisting arrest and assault, but the dashcam video told a different story.

oh LA

White VS Black: Breaking into a Car

Note: This is not scientific. The “tests” occur in different neighborhoods (Little Tokyo and Downtown LA) and they are not dressed the same so the only constant is the act of breaking into a car. The rest are uncontrolled variables. That said…THE LAPD everyone.

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2013 Compilation Of Awesome People!

Amazing things happened this past year and CompilationChannel put together a video of some of the awesome people doing awesome things! It’s incredible what humanity can accomplish if they set their minds and bodies to it! Bonus: Isosine released this amazing compilation of pop music from this year and it’s fantastic! Check it out!

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A New Take on Texting-Driving PSAs

This fake or “banned” texing/driving PSA directed by the guys of Random At Best, takes a much more lengthy and cinematic approach to the typical PSA video. In an event that is usually instantaneous, this video is so long and over the top that it actually becomes darkly comedic. Even so, the video still shares


Virgin America’s Safety Video

Nobody really pays attention to on-flight safety instructions any more, but Virgin America Airlines found a way to make buckling your seatbelt on an airplane way more entertaining with their new safety video.

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Flirting with Strippers in GTAV

Just a friendly reminder that when you’re playing GTA V in a public lobby everyone can hear you. Yep. Also when your Kinect is on and your mic is unplugged guess what…yep…we can still all hear you. So just figure out if the extra boost to getting the stripper in a video game to like

A Choir for your YouTube Comments!

The comment section; a place for people to freely express their opinions…or a place of regret, second hand embarrassment, and the ever present “funny guys”. The creative people at wwideinterweb decided to form a choir to shed some light on some of the ridiculous comments that we are all too familiar with.   A comment

How Base-Jumping Is Changing

Epic base-jumper Espen Fadnes discusses how the sport of base-jumping has changed, for the better and for the worst. Base-jumping has become insanely popular thanks to camera systems like GoPro, but the explosion of videos of the extreme sport has led to more dangerous stunts. It also has led to innovation and creativity in how