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Streamys Finalists

Vote for SourceFed!

Voting for Audience Choice for The Streamy Awards is open and SourceFed is nominated for best series! UPDATE: You can download the Streamy Awards App to vote as well. Here’s how to do it: Step 1: Download the Streamy Awards App Step 2: Click “Vote Now” for Personality of the Year & Series of the


Will the Electoral College Stay?

  Last night, before midnight Barack Obama won the presidential election with both the Electoral and Popular vote. There were a lot of predictions saying that Mitt Romney would win the popular vote with Obama winning the Electoral college, but it came as a surprise to all when the President took both. President Obama won


Puerto Rico as 51st State?!

Puerto Rico voted on becoming a State yesterday during the election and for the first time people voted in favor of statehood. The citizens of the U.S. Territory were polled about potential statehood in two questions. Voters rejected their current status as a U.S. commonwealth by a 54% to 46% margin in the first question.