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Nik Wallenda Tightrope

Man Tightrope Walks Across the Grand Canyon!

Man Tightrope Walks Across the Grand Canyon!

Nik Wallenda, the man with no fear of heights, successfully completed a tightrope walk across the Grand Canyon! The daredevil walked a quarter of a mile across the canyon, and spent over twenty minutes on the wire! Like any tightrope walker, Wallenda had the assistance of a balancing pole, and had cameras attached to his


Foot/Ankle Prosthesis Moves like the Real Thing

The new prosthesis provides the most realistic movement thus far. Researchers at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium have developed the Ankle Mimicking Prosthetic or AMP ¬†Foot 2.0. The prosthesis is designed to give wearers a very natural and lifelike gait and features an energy harvesting system that puts a natural spring back into someone’s