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Walking Dead

Walking Dead Season 5 Behind The Scenes Featurette!

Walking Dead Season 5 Behind The Scenes Featurette!

The cast and crew of The Walking Dead welcome you from the set of season 5, and hints that this season of the series may be its most intense yet!

Walking Contest

Walking Contest

We’ve all been there. Sometimes we’re walking down the sidewalk and a perfect stranger manages to fall in step with us. How do you react? Do you even notice?

MIck Puppy First Steps Cute Adorable Awww

Adorable Puppy Learns To Walk!

The ‘Aw, that’s so cute!’ moment of the day comes to us from Mick, a 6 week old Boston Terrier, born with Swimmer Puppy Syndrome. The syndrome leaves pups with a flat chest and sternum, which makes them unable to get their legs under them and their head up. This also makes it impossible for them to

Walking Dead 400 Days

Walking Dead 400 Days First Look!

Telltale games has finally revealed the first look into Walking Dead 400 Days! The gaming company mentioned that there would be more zombie apocalypse mayhem, and released their trailer for Walking Dead 400 Days. Their press release stated: Available this summer, The Walking Dead: 400 Days will be available for purchase on the Xbox LIVE


Foot/Ankle Prosthesis Moves like the Real Thing

The new prosthesis provides the most realistic movement thus far. Researchers at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium have developed the Ankle Mimicking Prosthetic or AMP  Foot 2.0. The prosthesis is designed to give wearers a very natural and lifelike gait and features an energy harvesting system that puts a natural spring back into someone’s