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Xbox One’s Spring Update – EXPLAINED

Xbox One’s Spring Update – EXPLAINED

So February 11th is fast approaching and it will bring the first half of the much anticipated Xbox One Spring update. Wanna know what this means for you – the early adopters of the Microsoft next gen console/entertainment unit? Well, here it is, broken down – courtesy of yours truly. The February 11th update won’t

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Microsoft Caves! Xbox One DRM Removed!

In the wake of E3 and possible loss of most of their market base, Microsoft caved and removed the insane DRM requirements for the Xbox One. In a statement released just one hour ago, Microsoft revealed they will be removing the once per twenty-four hour internet check-in’s for the Xbox One. Furthermore, there will no

E3 Xbox One

The Future Of The Xbox One

The E3 conference regarding the Xbox One actually showed off some games that weren’t Call of Duty! First off, the Xbox 360 got a redesign to make it look like the Xbox One. It’s almost as if Microsoft is the husband with a wandering eye and the jealous future ex-wife who is trying to look


Microsoft To Reveal New Xbox Console!

Microsoft is sending out invitations to certain outlets for an event on May 21st that will reveal the newest Xbox console. It’s been a long time coming for the newest Xbox gaming and media console, ever since Sony revealed the PlayStation 4 just a few weeks ago. The next Xbox, code-named Durango, has be rumored

Bungie Officially Unveils Destiny

Bungie Officially Unveils Destiny

Bungie has officially revealed the first little tid-bits about it’s newest first person shooter Destiny. The reveal confirms the details leaked last year about the game were indeed correct. The style will be an always-on MMO FPS set after the alien invasion of Earth. Humans live in a city built beneath an alien sphere that


XBox SmartGlass Now Available for iOS

The XBox Smartglass app that launched on the Andoid over a week ago is now available for iOS. iPhone and iPad users can now get their Smartglass on and control their XBox consoles with even more ease than before. Technically the app is just an update of the pre-existing XBox live app, but whatever the


X-Box SmartGlass Streamlines Entertainment

X-Box SmartGlass Streamlines Entertainment Microsoft is unleashing it’s SmartGlass app for the X-Box 360 this Friday. The free app acts as a tether for all of your mobile devices, syncing them to your X-Box 360 seamlessly and making communication between them a breeze.