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Playstation Through The Years!

As a thank-you to it’s many fans and gamers, Playstation released this video commemorating the system and it’s players since it’s inception in 1995. From the first Playstation, to the revolutionary PS4, the heartwarming commercial follows the life of one gamer and his friends. What your favorite memory of your gaming console? Tell us your

Terra Dawg

Bouncing, Breakdancing, Baby Girl Terra!

She goes by B-Girl Terra for short, but I guarantee you’ll never meet another 6-year-old with feet as ‘footloose’ as hers. That’s right, she’s 6-years-old, and, let’s face it, even though you’ve really been studying up on ‘Dancing with the Stars’, she probably dances better than most of us ever will. Limbering up, (Safety first


Teen Arrested Over Sarcastic Comment on Video Game

An 18-year-old Ohio teen is facing 8 years in prison for a sarcastic comment on the online game League of Legends. Justin Carter and his buddies were having a sarcastic argument in the third person and, according to his father, went something like this: “Someone had said something to the effect of ‘Oh you’re insane,


102-Year-Old Woman Goes Basejumping!

You think you are too old to do extreme sports? Well, there’s a 102-year-old woman who just went basejumping for the first time so you have no excuse! NATION: Have you ever gone basejumping? Have you ever done any other extreme sports?


90 Year Old Grandmother Mind Blown By Oculus Rift

YouTuber Joey Boots filmed his grandma trying out the Oculus Rift for the first time, and it’s adorable. The Oculus Rift is the newest addition to the virtual reality circuit. The helmet features the first wrap around feature that makes it so your peripheral vision isn’t just the black edges of your viewfinder. The revolutionary “glasses” received


This 9-Year-Old is Smarter Than You

Some people are worried about the future of our children, but after watching this 9-year-old explain the his take on life and the universe, it makes me feel a little better about the fate of humanity.


The Steubenville Rape Trial Starts Today! [UPDATE]

The trial of the two Steubenville High School rapists begins today.


You Decide: 2 Dubstep Dancers, Who’s Better?

I am about to show you two young fellas dancing their little feet off to dubstep, and you guys decide who the better dancer is!


President Obama: TIME’s Person of the Year

President Barack Obama was selected for Time Magazine’s Person of the Year … Again!

Biggest Trends 2012 (2)

Biggest Trends of 2012

Another year has come, gone, and what would it be without Google or Facebook telling us what were the biggest trends from this year. There were a lot of random, strange, and quite possibly dirty searches made on Google this year. Luckily the company went through all the data for us and compiled a Zeitgeist

african dogs jpeg

2-year-old Boy Killed After Falling into Zoo Exhibit

2-year-old boy killed after falling into Zoo exhibit – Boy fell into exhibit early Sunday morning and was mauled by a pack of African Painted Dogs. This past weekend, tragedy struck at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium when a 2-year-old boy fell into the African Painted Dog exhibit and was killed. The boy was