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Tattoo Artist Barred From Daughter’s Career Day



A tattoo artist in Florida is ticked off after attempting to join in on career day for his daughter’s middle school but was barred from doing so due to his profession.

First off: The middle school is called Clearwater Fundamental Middle School. I mean, you know what you’re getting into, right?

Anyway. Walter Smith owns a tattoo parlor. He discourages kids from getting tatted up before they turn 18, the precise age when tramp stamps are deployed to notify the world that they are prepared to do what is necessary to make it through this wagon wheel we call life.

But he attended the Great American Teach-In at his daughter’s middle school, in the hopes of showing not only the employment opportunities offered by his parlor and others like his, but also responsible tattoo safety, prevention of diseases through sterilization techniques, and also, again, to not get ink done until you’re at least in college and/or have given up on life.

But, after two years, he was told this year he couldn’t participate because the school didn’t want students exposed to Smith’s “alternative lifestyle.” Oh, my, what a term.

Their parents are closed-minded and don’t want their children to know about these things,” Smith said, in what is probably the understatement of the century.

Let’s be honest, here. Modern Family doesn’t want their young fictional characters knowing about tattoos. Regardless, this is a father and business owner wanting to show the kids how to be responsible with body art, and also getting young budding artists to think about working at a tattoo shop as a career path.

And, frankly, a dad wants his daughter to be proud of him. To be barred from that kinda pisses him off — as well it should.

Question: Should he be let back into Career Day?