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Teacher Writes Erotic Novel, Gets In Trouble


Carol Ann Eastman, an Ohio English teacher, totally wrote an erotic novel about a teacher getting revenge on her husband by engaging in extramarital affairs with former students. And now she’s in trouble.

The novel is entitled Schooled, which that seems more of a dance/rap urban lifestyle-as-seen-by-a-white-person novel. Described on Amazon as “Chelsea Handler meets 50 Shades of Grey,” a statement that makes me want to scream “way to aim for the middle,” it’s gotten a lot of positive reviews.

I don’t know why.

She’s been a high school English teacher for over seven years and wrote the novel under a pseudonym. She’s quite popular with students, it seems.

When it got out that she was the author of the novel — it’s unclear how — she was given three weeks’ administrative leave and lost five days pay for using the school computer for something other than work. Perhaps promoting her book? I don’t know. From Huffington Post: 

“It was just crazy,” Hoover junior Justin Small told WKYC. “I don’t know, I could never picture a teacher writing that.”

I bring this up because this is supposed to make it seem like the entire school believes that. This high school junior is lying, because all high school students will lie to the press as they don’t want to be the one to say, “oh, yeah, I totally read it alone in my room with the door locked.”

It’s not crazy that an English teacher puts words to paper. The subject matter is just odd. Relax.

Question: Is this blown out of proportion?