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Table Tennis

Man VS Robot, Who Will Win The Ping Pong Match!?

Man VS Robot, Who Will Win The Ping Pong Match!?

Timo Boll, a professional table tennis player, takes on the world’s fastest robot, KUKA, in a one on one match to prove who’s better: Man or Machine?

Hand phone weird

Cell Phone Commercials Are Getting Weird

LG seems to be taking a cue from Skittles and made this…uncomfortably odd commercial for it’s flexible phone.

Lick This

Licking Your Phone is NOT Going to Make You Better in Bed!

Apparently there’s an app in which you lick your phone in order to increase your skills as a lover. What the hell is wrong with our generation?!



When Christopher Lloyd introduces it, you know it’s gotta be real!


Apple Announces CarPlay Entertainment System

Apple has announced that it plans to released CarPlay, an “in-car infotainment system” that connects your iOS device to your car.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 2.23.35 PM

Put A GoPro On A Pelican And See What Happens!

After a Tanzanian storm, a pelican was separated from its flock and washed ashore.


Hyperrealistic Ad In Sweden Will Blow You Away!

A clever outdoor ad from Sweden uses a bit of technology to transcend the limits of traditional advertising.


Netflix Paying Comcast For Faster Speeds

It is being reported that the two online juggernauts Netflix and Comcast came to an agreement over the weekend that has everyone worried.


Xbox One’s Spring Update – EXPLAINED

So February 11th is fast approaching and it will bring the first half of the much anticipated Xbox One Spring update. Wanna know what this means for you – the early adopters of the Microsoft next gen console/entertainment unit? Well, here it is, broken down – courtesy of yours truly. The February 11th update won’t


BMW M235i Can Literally Drive Itself!

There are a lot of badass demos coming out of CES 2014 this past week, and the BMW M235i self drifting one is absolutely no exception! In the vid, BMW demonstrates a new autonomous driving technology, allowing the M235i to drift itself independent of driver input on a slick track in Las Vegas. One step


A Look Beneath the Surface of Pacific Rim

Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim was a finely tuned love letter to Kaiju films, giant robots, and all of us who appreciate them, but in the heat of the moment it’s not always obvious exactly how much work goes into making such a spectacle. Until now, that is — Industrial Light and Magic has released


A Safari Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Once reserved for teams of filmmakers with expensive equipment, photographer Will Burrard-Lucas proves that in the age of drones all it takes is a Go-pro camera and some practice to grab amazing wildlife footage. Much less disruptive than the usual method of freakin’ helicopters, Burrard-Lucas is able to get some pretty intimate moments with the