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Amazing Teaching Piano Uses Guitar Here-Style Learning?!

This projection piano utilizes Guitar Hero-like projections to teach people how to play piano! I would go and buy this thing right now! The piano caters to those who are best at visual and kinesthetic styles of learning by projecting the key that needs to be played just before it should be played. Nation Would

Google Maps Hits The Large Hadron Collider!

Google Maps has reached the Cern Large Hadron Supercollider and is providing an unprecedented look into the facility! Cern allowed the mapping giant to come into and photograph the gorgeous machine that could bring about the end of the world. Nation If Google Maps could photograph the building of your choice, what would it be

Man Controls Artificial Leg With His Thoughts!

Zac Vawter lost his leg in a motorcycle accident and a team of amazing software engineers have given Zac the chance for normality he thought he would never have again. The 32-year-old engineer can climb stairs, and even wiggle his toes through a mind-controlled robotic prosthetic that is the first of its kind. Vawter was

Steam Announces Steam Machines Beta!

Steam has made it’s second announcement and has unveiled the plans for the Steam Machines which will run the SteamOS. The living room gaming pc’s are set to be released sometime in 2014, but if you can’t wait that long, you can try your hand at beta testing it! In an unprecedented move, Valve has

Fake iOS 7 Ad Fools Stupid People!

A well-photoshopped Apple ad has been touting that iOS 7 will make your iPhone waterproof, and people learned the hard way that software and hardware are two very different and separate things. The fake ad has been spreading across social networks claiming: “Update to IOS 7 and become waterproof. In an emergency, a smart-switch will

iPhone 5

You Cannot Open An iPhone With A Severed Finger

If you were worried about losing your fingers in order to open your iPhone, you can relax. The phone requires a little more than just your fingerprint. The iPhone’s Touch ID fingerprint system uses a radio frequency to scan and detect the sub-epidermal layers of your skin. This dynamic requires the owner of the finger

10. 2010 Lexus LFA

The Top 10 Cars From The Past 20 Years!

Nation favorite Top Gear, counted down the best cars from the past 20 years, and here are the cars that made the elusive top 10! From the 2010 Lexus LFA to the gorgeous 1996 Porsche Boxster, each of these cars has exhibited high performance standards that have made them a favorite since their release. Check out


Ads Are Coming to Instagram!

Instagram announced to the Wall Street Journal that advertisements will be integrated into the app over the next year. Emily White, Instagram’s Director of Business Operations, has stated that there isn’t a ‘set date’ for ads rolling out, and they haven’t found an effective way of integrating them, but it is going to happen. White


Samsung Galaxy Gear is Almost Here!

The Galaxy Gear, Samsung’s response to the rumored Apple iWatch, is now set to be released September 4th of this year. Samsung is releasing the Galaxy Gear just before the IFA Consumer Electronic Show in Berlin, as well as the Galaxy Note 3. Lee Young-hee, Samsung’s VP of mobile bussiness, confirmed the date and released


Google Patent’s Emotion Tracking Tech for Ads

Google patented technology that would utilize Glass and other wearable computers to monitor how long individuals look at ads and their emotional response. The patent for ‘Pay-per-gaze’, filed by Google in 2011, states: Pay per gaze advertising need not be limited to on-line advertisements, but rather can be extended to conventional advertisement media including billboards,


Elon Musk Unveils The Hyperloop!

A year after floating the idea of improving public transportation, Space X and Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk has unveiled the Hyperloop! The solar-powered city-to-city transit system would take passengers and cars from Los Angeles to San Francisco in just 30 minutes. The Hyperloop would transport people via aluminum pods enclosed inside of steel tubes.


The Matrix + Sports = freeD

I am not one to join my friends to watch the big game because I find most sports to be slow-paced. However, if the NFL and MLB introduce freeD into all their events, I may change my tune. freeD, or Free Dimensional Video developed by Replay Technologies, allows users to have full, interactive control of

Google WiFi Starbucks

Google Putting Free WiFi In Starbucks?!

Google has announced that it will be setting up its speedier WiFi in 7,000 Starbucks stores across the U.S.! Furthermore, the newer, faster coffeehouse WiFi will be available for free to customers. At the moment, Starbucks offers free WiFi to it’s manic coffee consumers but Google says the new WiFi will 10x faster than its