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Google Patent’s Emotion Tracking Tech for Ads

Google Patent’s Emotion Tracking Tech for Ads

Google patented technology that would utilize Glass and other wearable computers to monitor how long individuals look at ads and their emotional response. The patent for ‘Pay-per-gaze’, filed by Google in 2011, states: Pay per gaze advertising need not be limited to on-line advertisements, but rather can be extended to conventional advertisement media including billboards,


Elon Musk Unveils The Hyperloop!

A year after floating the idea of improving public transportation, Space X and Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk has unveiled the Hyperloop! The solar-powered city-to-city transit system would take passengers and cars from Los Angeles to San Francisco in just 30 minutes. The Hyperloop would transport people via aluminum pods enclosed inside of steel tubes.


The Matrix + Sports = freeD

I am not one to join my friends to watch the big game because I find most sports to be slow-paced. However, if the NFL and MLB introduce freeD into all their events, I may change my tune. freeD, or Free Dimensional Video developed by Replay Technologies, allows users to have full, interactive control of

Google WiFi Starbucks

Google Putting Free WiFi In Starbucks?!

Google has announced that it will be setting up its speedier WiFi in 7,000 Starbucks stores across the U.S.! Furthermore, the newer, faster coffeehouse WiFi will be available for free to customers. At the moment, Starbucks offers free WiFi to it’s manic coffee consumers but Google says the new WiFi will 10x faster than its


Chromecast Is Awesome And You Should Get It!

People spend several hundred dollars so all of their devices can chatter with each other easily, and Chromecast has just made it ridiculously cheap. The device, now offered in the Google PlayStore, allows you to sync some of the most commonly used entertainment driven apps to your TV with nearly zero effort. The plug- n-play


The Best Of Computer Animation for 2012-2013

The annual SIGGRAPH festival in Anaheim is upon us! That special time of the year where we honor and showcase the best of computer graphics and animation over the past year. SIGGRAPH put together a short preview that highlighted some of the best computer animation in video games and movies that will be featured at the

Tom's Life Stolen

Your Life Can Be Easily Stolen!

Aside from dodging death on a daily basis, everyone also has to deal with identity theft and with technology it’s become very easy to just take someone’s life out of their hands. This ultra-creepy commercial for bank safety highlights just how easy it is to become someone else via identity theft and Facebook. With the


Japanese Company Creates World’s First Wearable Mech Suit

What is one thing Avatar, District 9, and real life all have in common? MECH SUITS! Japanese tech company Sagawa Electronics has created the Powered Jacket MK3, a functional mech suit that stands at over seven feet tall. The creators of this futuristic robot suit claim it “is the first commercial product in the world


Pirate Bay Co-Founder Developing Private Messenger App

Have you ever wanted to text your roommate to stop leaving his socks in the living room without the government putting you on a terrorist watch list? No? Well, for those who desire privacy when using messenger services, may be the solution. (its name is derived from a Swedish word meaning “secret”) is


Apple Gives Away Apps for Anniversary

The fifth anniversary of the Apple App Store is upon us, and Apple has made some of their most popular apps free! Applications ranging in price from $5 to $20 are free for the first time ever. Popular games like Infinity Blade II, Tiny Wings, Where’s My Water? and Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP! Apps such as Traktor DJ and Day One are also available


Viner of the Week: Nicholas Megalis

Are you a fan of raps about bras full of peanuts and wallets full of gummy money? You should check out Nicholas Megalis and his spectacular Vines! Here are just a few of the genius raps from Nicholas Megalis’ Vine account. Be sure to follow him on Vine and Twitter! (@nicholasmegalis)


Instagram May Have Defeated Vine!

Instagram just released an App update that now allows users to post short videos! Facebook announced that Instagram will now allow users to post 15-second videos to the app! Not only that, you can choose between 13 unique filters and pick your own thumbnail from the video. What does this mean for Vine? Who knows!

Duck Duck Go

Duck Duck Go Reaches 3 Million Searches?!

Alternative search engine Duck Duck Go has reached 3 million direct hits due to the NSA PRISM program! Duck Duck Go, and other search engines like it boast reputations that searchers information is kept private at all times. After the NSA program PRISM came into the public eye, searches on Duck Duck Go increased dramatically