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Viner of the Week: Jérôme Jarre

Viner of the Week: Jérôme Jarre

We all need that one person in our lives that can put a smile on your face when you’re down. So this week, I would like to introduce Mr. Jérôme Jarre. Jérôme’s Vines usually consist of him walking up to strangers and awkwardly starting conversations or ‘w00-h00-ing’ in public places because he just loves life. It


WWDC 2013: What You Need To Know

Although the WWDC conference was a bit overshadowed by E3 and Microsoft’s announcements today, Apple has announced some pretty cool upgrades that we are all looking forward to. First off, iOS 7 looks beautiful! The operating system has been completely redesigned and users couldn’t be happier. Apple has integrated a more user-friendly set-up that allows users to browse


Viner of the Week: Jessica Hansen

We have highlighted a number of the male comedians on Vine, but how about those beautiful ladies? Like Jessica Hansen! Jessica Hansen has reached about 10,000 followers on Vine and her videos are hilarious! From her How-to videos to her arguments with Siri! Be sure to follow her on Twitter and check her out on


NSA Has All Your Phone Records!

The Guardian published an article last night revealing that the NSA has been spying on Verizon wireless customers phone records. A top-secret court order from FISC (Federal Intelligence Surveillance Court) was issued back in April that required Verizon Wireless to hand-over phone records to the NSA, meaning the location of the phone, the time of the call, the


Anti-Photography Device Patented!

Being photographed can really suck, but  fear not! Someone has patented an anti-photography device to deter your personal paparazzo’s. In a world with rampant social media, we’ve often fallen prey to those photogs who snap a pic without you even knowing it happened until they tag you five hours later on Facebook. Remember that feeling

Amazon Fresh

Amazon To Start Grocery Delivery!?

Amazon has been testing a new service called ‘Amazon Fresh’ for delivering your groceries! The service has been available in the Seattle area for the past five years, and starting next year will be expanding that service to 20 urban areas, starting with LA and San Francisco. New warehouses will be fitted with areas for

Edible pill sensors

2 Step Verification by Touch

Do you suffer from over-authentication? Millions of smart phone and computer users suffer from this condition every day. The condition, known as over-authentication, requires users to log multiple passwords into their devices at a time and receive endless text messages from social websites checking on their status as human. On average, users are losing between


First Porn App For Google Glass BANNED!

Tits and Glass: the first App developed for Google Glass has been banned only after a few hours of being live. The porn app would allow users to record themselves having sex from their perspective. Google hastily revised their Glass developers policies, stating: “We don’t allow Glassware content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts or

Speech Jammer Gun Review Thumb

Speech Jammer Claims Newest Victim in Gun Reviewer

YouTube gun enthusiast takes on the infamous Speech Jammer, and fails – spectacularly. YouTube user “absuperman” recently released a video in which he reviews two of his guns, a Bereta 92 and an AR-15.  The interesting thing about this video isn’t the guns, though; it’s the device plugged into his ears which, as the video


Viner of the Week: Max Burlingame

Ever thought to yourself, ‘Hey, how can I get a prom date?’ or ‘How am I supposed act like a man?’ Look no further! Max Burlingame will teach you how to do everything! Be sure to follow Max on Twitter (@whoismaxwell) and on Vine! Let us know who your favorite Vine users are!


Viner of the Week: Ridd Sorensen

Hope you all enjoy our Vine user from last week, and you should totally check out Ridd Sorensen. Check out Ridd’s hilarious series with the Siri App for the Iphone and follow him on Vine!    Be sure to tell us about your favorite Vine users!


Is the RIAA Dying?!

According to tax records the RIAA has made heavy employee cuts after revenue dropped to a new low. The past two years have seen major record labels cutting back on their membership dues from 33.6 million to a paltry 23.6 million resulting in the staff plunging from 107 to just 60 over the same period.


Yahoo Acquires Tumblr for $1.1 Billion!

It was announced Sunday that Yahoo is set to acquire popular social media website, Tumblr, to the tune of $1.1 billion … the Internet is not pleased. Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo, will be having a press conference later today at 5pm EST, where she’ll discuss the future of both Yahoo and Tumblr. The