Teen Eats Nothing but Ramen For 13 Years



For the past 13 years, a U.K. teen has refused to eat anything besides ramen noodles.

The infamous college cuisine is known for its less-than-healthy ingredients such as heart attack inducing MSG and a more than necessary intake of sodium. The 98 pound 18-year-old, Georgi Readman estimates eating a whopping 30 miles of ramen a year! That’s 390 miles worth of noodles total in her 13-year addiction! That’s right! 390 miles!!! That equates to a distance from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

This malnourished diet has landed the picky teen in the hospital a number of times. At one point her symptoms were so severe, doctors believed Readman suffered from leukemia. She insists that the texture of fruits and vegetables are repulsive and “make her sick.”  Her eating disorder has gotten to the point where it is so bad, that it prohibits her from dining out with friends.

The young girl aspires of becoming a jockey one day, and has even landed an interview at the British Racing School, but is too underweight to pursue her dreams. When asked if she could eat any other type of noodles, Readman answered with, “I can eat other noodles but I would have to sieve them to get rid off all the horrible green bits.”

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What’s your special ramen recipe that keeps you coming back for more?