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Terminator Arm: Most Advanced Prosthetic Ever


Nigel Ackland’s life was dramatically altered when he lost his arm in an accident six years ago. Now his life is being changed again for the better with his newly fitted prosthetic arm, the most advanced seen in years.

The hi-tech bionic hand is so precise he can even type again. Made from a carbon fiber material, the hand can be controlled with movements in in Ackland’s upper arm. It has aluminum and alloy knuckles that move like a real human limb due to the connection the digits have to Nigel’s muscles twitches.

The BeBionic3 Myoelectric hand is incredibly sensitive, giving the father-of-one the ability to touch type on computer, peel vegetables, and even dress himself for the first time in years. In the video above, Ackland shows us some of the skills he’s regained with the prosthetic, including the ability to make an omelet.


Are you excited about this kind of advanced prosthetics technology? What do you think it means for the scientific community and those who are in need of prosthetic limbs?