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Test Sample Results From Underground Antarctic Lake

Test Results From Lake Vostok



Test Sample Results From Underground Antarctic Lake

Back in February, we here at SourceFed covered a little story about Russian scientists gettin’ their dig on by drilling two miles down beneath the Antarctic surface. They were trying to reach an untouched, pristine, underground lake called Lake Vostok, so they could extract themselves some samples for some good old-fashioned scientific study.  Peep our moving picture coverage here.  AND THE RESULTS ARE IN!  Keep reading, you’ll get to the results soon.

Vostok is the world’s third largest lake, it just happens to be 2 miles deep, and it is believed that the water within it hasn’t been exposed to our Earthly air for 20 million years… give or a take a year.  So, scientists were downright giddy at the prospect of discovering some new lifeforms that could provide some insight on what life-stuff might be like over on Europa, which if a scientist were to describe it, he or she might use the descriptive word: Antarcticy.

And now, after rigorous analysis of the extracted water samples, the results have been made public!

AND HERE ARE THE RESULTS:  They found nothing.  Nadda.  They found really old water.  No life.



These are just the preliminary results, but as of now, no microbes are kicking it on the upper layer of Lake Vostok. But do not fret my little science adventurers, the Russian super-thinkers are planning to drill again in December, when they’ll suck up samples from deeper in the lake.

Hope they find something.  Hope it’s not this guy.

That movie sucked.