The Hot Shots 2013 Calendar is TOO HOT TO HANDLE!


The Hot Shots 2013 Calendar is TOO HOT TO HANDLE! – The new 2013 Hot Shots Calendar is almost shows just how patriotic supermodels can be.

The new Hot Shots Calendar for 2013 is now available! “What is Hot Shots?” one may ask, but do not worry children I shall explain.

During WWII, a very popular possession of American soldiers were pin-ups, which were posters of attractive young women that the men could admire and appreciate while off at war.

A few years back, the Edgar Brothers had the ingenius idea of revamping this cornerstone of American history, and boy did they do a swell job. The Edgar Brothers recreate some of the most popular pin-ups and creates a nifty calendar. The folks here at SourceFed thought “Gee, I think our readers need a little treat!” So here are a few pictures from the upcoming calendar and a few behind the scenes photos. Hope you all enjoy ;)


























And here’s a little behind the scenes video for y’all!