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The Hulk Admits to Soaking up the “Love Sponge’s” Sloppy Seconds

Hulk Hogan has finally made public the dirty details of the recently leaked sex tape which features the Hulkster himself (YEAH, BROTHER!!!) and—until now—an unnamed woman with enormous melons.

This morning (October 9, 2012) on Howard Stern, Hogan officially revealed the identity of this ‘mystery woman’ and it turns out that the rumors have been right all along (not really that much of a surprise): the woman in the tape “is indeed the wife of his very good friend” and radio host, Bubba the Love Sponge; or, if saying that name makes you involuntarily gag a little—or a lot—like in my case, then you may call him by his birth name: Todd Alan Clem.

The Hulk informed Stern (and the general public) that the incident recorded in the tape—which he still maintains was filmed without his knowledge or consent—occurred six years ago when he was still married to Linda Hogan (who you may remember divorced her husband and married a 21 year-old, below).

However, Hogan insists that the act of infidelity was not his fault, insinuating—via a not-so-clever metaphor likening the act of ‘doing laundry’ to ‘having sex’—that his ex-wife verbally and emotionally abused him:

“Let’s say I’ve been doing laundry, brother, for this person forever, and all of a sudden this person hates the way I do laundry. And that person says, ‘You suck. I hate you.’ F-you every single day. ‘I hate the way you do laundry. I’m going to find somebody else to do laundry. Somebody younger, faster, stronger,”

According to Hogan, it was due to this lack of sexual and emotional reciprocation in the relationship that caused him to cheat. It is important to note, though, that Clem aka ‘the Love Sponge’ *gag* explicitly gave his bff permission to have sex with his wife; something many people had already hypothesized when Bubba’s voice is heard off camera during the tape.

But now I feel the need to level with you on this issue, Nation: I kinda feel sorry for the Hulk.

I’m not denying that the dude’s not the curliest noodle in the Pastamania box, but come on, people…he’s a wrestler. His entire job involves getting his head slammed into the ground (no matter how fake you find pro-wrestling to be, anyone will tell you that injuries do happen).

Maybe I’m being naive (what can I say, I’m a sucker for Italian food), but listening to the interview, he genuinely sounds embarrassed by the release of the sex tape and sincere in his insistence that he didn’t know he was being filmed. If he’s telling the truth, then maybe we should lay off the poor guy, he didn’t ask for this negative publicity and the tape is six years old—I’m sure (at least, I hope) the Hulkster has grown up a bit since then.

Then again, maybe not.

Inform me of your opinions, Nation!

Do you feel even a little bit bad for Hulk Hogan?
Or do you think he deserves all the criticism he’s been getting?
Does it make a difference that the tape is six years old?
Do you buy that he didn’t know he was being filmed?
Is there ANY excuse for infidelity?


  1. LOL @ the title hahahaha and yeahhh I feel a little bad for the Hulk, you right. Poor dude, just wants some love can’t blame ’em

  2. I don’t think the sex tape is already 6 years old, seeing as his ringtone in the clip is a song by his daughter Brooke Hogan that released only 4 years ago

  3. I’m not trying to knock the guy, but I can’t say that I agree with his ideology that it’s cool to sleep with someone else’s wife behind his OWN wife’s back simply because his then-wife Linda wasn’t sexually reciprocating and being kinda of a… well, you know.

    I will agree that Linda is definitely wrong if she did indeed “close up shop” for no reason, turn into the Wicked Witch of the West and make no attempt to work it out… but cheating isn’t a good way to fix that problem.

    As Philly D stated above, maybe he’s grown up and wouldn’t do the same thing if he was in that situation now….

    ….either way, I’m with you, Mr. DeFranco… I feel my childhood being crushed. As a kid, I always looked up to the guy… he was one of the “good guy” wrestlers when I was a little tike, and I think that, in a way, I kind of wanted to grow up to be like him (although that did not happen in ANY way, shape, or form as I am now a 31-year-old, 5’3″ computer geek who’s gotta go get bigger pants due to eating too much pizza and pastries.)

    So, to hear news like this, on top of when he got dropped by Linda for cheating that OTHER time, just completely ruins all of those memories.