The Last of Us Gameplay Revealed!

The Last of Us

GTTV got their hands on The Last of Us and have given us a sneak peak into the upcoming game’s story and style.

The Last of Us is an apocalyptic scenario in which an Cordyceps fungus spore has infected human beings. The spore was prominently featured in the series Planet Earth, when it was seen taking over the mind of an ant and forcing it to the center of the anthill in order to spread itself out.

Heavily spoken is that those infected with the spore are not zombies. They are living breathing creatures that are out to destroy humanity via infection. Some will run towards you in an effort to infect you while others wander the world and use echolocation via clicks to find you that characters can sneak by.

The Last of Us

The game stars two characters: Joel and Ellie. Joel is a hardened black-marketeer within one of the quarantine zones. His voice will sound very familiar to anyone who recently played BioShock Infinite, the actor Troy Baker also played Booker DeWitt.

Ellie is a 14-year-old girl who was with a harsh resistance group known as the Fireflies is being led away by Joel after he makes a promise to an old friend to do so.

The Last of Us hits stores June 14th 2013.


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