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The Most Ambitious Video Game Project Ever


The Universe Project has a very ambitious plan for the future of gaming that looks like a cross between Destiny and Ready Player One.

The project aims to create what will be known as a virtual parallel universe. The players will start on Earth, engineer tools, weapons and create their world as they see fit. Once the population on Earth has reached capacity or even before then, more ambitious players will have the option of moving off planet to explore new worlds.


Or perhaps even create a world of their own.

The project sounds as expansive and customize-able as the upcoming Bungie project Destiny with a hint of the book Ready Player One thrown in. In the book, players are immersed in an alternate gaming universe called the OASIS that encompasses their lives from basic schooling to exploring and leveling up with fellow players.

The alternate Earth appears to somewhat depend on social interaction which makes you wonder if world wars could escalate just like it had in real life. Will people work together to create something amazing or will the destructive side of man take over and create nothing but chaos?

Will boundary and country lines be created? Monarchies or Democracies? It will be impossible to know until the game comes out, but I am sincerely looking forward to it.


What do you think would happen in a limitless virtual world? Let us know in the comments below!