DeFranco Nation Ladies 73

The Nation is Sexy (Oct 1, 2012)


Welcome to the “Nation is Sexy”.  Ladies and Gents from the Nation send in pictures of themselves to [email protected] and I feature them on the show/site once a week to celebrate real people from the Nation.

If you’d like to be featured next week just take a picture of yourself with Hi Nation written on yourself or on a sign and you can be part of this new weekly segment by emailing it to [email protected]Note: We like cute and sexy.  We don’t post nudes, so don’t send them in.  Love yo faces :)


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  1. Who is the brunette at the top of the page…with the Guns n Roses top?!!!!! SHE’S FREAKING HOT!!!

  2. Hey, I don’t want to do this but there is no private way of doing this…Change the name of the file when you upload it. I was saving a picture to share them with some friends (Believe it or not this is how I promote for the nation) and at least one picture’s file name was the person’s name. Most are “hi_nation3.jpg” but some are the person’s name. When uploading please try and stop STUPID from people being stupid.

  3. @vinny so i read your comment and i went through the pics and the only one that has a persons name is Allison Torres the actress im sure she isnt worried about ppl finding out her name.

    1. I’ve had search her by her full name ‘Allison Nichole Torres’. But you’re right non the less!

  4. [email protected]_0||3 says:

    Cuz I couldnt see the gallery, I looked at the source code and pulled each of the image URLs from “line 129.” Great time waster… literally -_-

  5. Yup … the girl at the top is about as gorgeous as it gets; with or without the cleavage.

  6. OMFG. she looks EXACTLY like my ex, no joke. i see pic in the corner of my eye and i was like “z*&e, is that you? what are you doing?”

  7. Why are the guys and girls mixed together??? Us guys do not wanna look at other guys! Yeeesh!