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The Official Despicable Me 2 Trailer Released!


The Official Despicable Me 2 trailer was released today, revealing the possible villain for the upcoming sequel!

The creators of the much loved animated comedy, Despicable Me, have reported that they will be releasing a sequel in Summer 2013, but the details behind the storyline of the film have been hazy until the release of the official movie trailer this morning! The previous teasers that have been released were entertaining, but lacked any details as to what the new film will actually be about.

The trailer begins with Gru’s short yellow minions are taking care of the children, tucking them into bed, then proceeding to set up for a silly game of golf until they are frieghtened by a commotion outside. The embark on an investigation to see what is hiding in the backyard, only to find it to be a stray cat, but then are abducted by a mysterious force!

Could it be aliens? An old foe of Gru’s? We’ll just have to wait and see for more!


Are you guys excited for the new film?